SM Career Power Design, Career Roads of Our Alumni
SM Career Power Design, Career Roads of Our Alumni
  • Kim Rey Yeeun
  • 승인 2015.04.27 19:19
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Each semester students attend various career-related lectures, but among them, the most popular seem to be the career-related lectures by Sookmyung alumni.  On April 15th, the Division of Cooperative Development hosted SM Career Power Design at Centennial Hall’s Jeong Chunhi Lee Geongu seminar room.  The special lecture ran from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.  According to the Division of Cooperative Development, the aims of the lecture were to improve alumni networking and for career development.  At the lecture, two special guest lecturers spoke about their field of expertise and voiced suggestions on how to succeed.  The first presenter, Jeong Huiseon, Director of the National Science, Criminal, & Investigation Laboratory detailed the importance of science development and offered participants some insights into her experience of investigating notorious criminals such as Kim Giltae and Kang Hosun.  In the end, she emphasized ‘passion’ as the quality for success.  The second presenter, Kim Kyunghee, a senior standing faculty at the KMA(Korea Management Association) and Professor specializing in Career Counselling, invited participants to partake in a personality test.  Through this, she emphasized the importance of sensibility and human relations.  Her final comment was to reach success, one must work hard.  After the lecture, Ju Geongmi who graduated from Sookmyung Graduate School, majoring in Doctor of Management told reporters she was pleased with the balanced lecture, and Lee Gyunghee at Department of Chemistry '69 said the lectures were instructive and because the guest speakers were Sookmyung alumni, the talk came much more realistic to the audiences.

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