Vitalizing the Energy through the Annual Flea market
Vitalizing the Energy through the Annual Flea market
  • Yoon Jae Jiho
  • 승인 2015.04.27 19:36
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On April 7th, a flea market was held on the first campus of Sookmyung Women’s University.  It was hosted by the 47th student council Reflying and Minisum, which is a flea market shopping mall.  Sections of the school grounds were divided up among merchants, who operated booths from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Many sellers displayed wares such as hand-made products, cheap clothes and bags.  Furthermore, Sookmyungians were given the opportunity to display and sell their used products to prospective customers.  Student council member, Hong Jooyoung said, ”The flea market was also held last year.  It always brings students together, and it has a very high rate of student satisfaction.  Hence, we decided to host the flea market again this year.”  In addition to students, a number of parents and young children wandering could be seen wandering about the booths.  Many Sookmyungians used their spare time between classes to browse sellers’ wares.  Despite all the positive aspects to the flea market, still, there are some rooms for the improvement.  Park Seolin, Department of Computer Science ’15, said, “It was good, but some of the things were more expensive than the prices at normal shopping malls, and the only method of payment was cash, so it was uncomfortable.  I wish that next year’s flea market is better organized on campus because the sellers were so numerous and closely packed that it was difficult to get across campus to the Amphitheater.”  The annual flea market is an exciting memory for students as they walk around the campus with the cherry blossoms in bloom, but based on feedback from Sookmyungians this year, students wish to see better structuring and planning in the coming year in order to enjoy the market to its fullest.

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