A Day Spent with Professors
A Day Spent with Professors
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2015.06.05 22:57
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From May 11th to 13th, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m, Sookmyung Ombudsman Bloom, a Sookmyung leadership group, hosted ‘Mentoring date with the Professor’ in front of the Queen Sunheon Building.  The purpose of the event is to provide time and opportunities for Sookmyungians to meet their professors outside of the classroom setting.  Students who approached the Sookmyung Ombudsman Bloom booth were helped by Bloom’s members to arrange a date with the professor of their choice on the Blue Ribbon site.  After completing the application process, students became professors’ mentees, and they could meet continuously.  An interview with one of the participants, Lee Minyoung, Department of Business Administration, revealed that she felt the event to be meaningful because she could become more intimate with her professor.  Professors said that they desired more interaction with students, so they hoped many Sookmyungians would participate in this program.  Lee Sangmin, a member of Sookmyung Ombudsman Bloom, said, “It is a very meaningful event.  Furthermore, responses from students and professors are overwhelmingly positive.  I hope all students were able to have a date with their chosen professors. ” 

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