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Welcome to Our Companies
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
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- Job Festival for Sookmyungians

    From October 4 to October 5, 2007 Sookmyung Job Fair was held in Gemma Hall and Renaissance Plaza .  Regarding this fair, Park Ju-hyun, a staff member from the Career Development Center said, “Supported by the Ministry of Labor, this fair is aimed at introducing Sookmyungians who posses S Leadership qualities to companies.  Also, companies would be able to offer Sookmyungians a lot of information about their employment requirements and the ideal candidates for each company.  With 25 consulting booths, there are also extra programs like interview advice, résumé clinic, and aptitude test.”

   In its second year, the 2007 Sookmyung Job Fair was crowded with Sookmyungians who were preparing for their employment.  In order to meet many Sookmyungians’ wishes, this fair was filled with various programs which are useful for students.

 A Vocational Aptitude Test

   Have you decided your job or aptitude not yet?  Haven’t you found your real aptitude yet?  Then Sookmyung Job Fair prepared special program which might be helpful to you, a vocational aptitude test.  This test is operated by the Ministry of Labor and Korea Employment Information Service, which gives a chance to search your favorite activity, job interest, or preferred field, and a job which is suitable by test result.  The test asks people some questions, and divides people into 6 types.  The followings are the sample questions of this test.  Do you like drawing a picture?  Do you feel pride through teaching other people?  Or do you like working while sitting in your desk all your work time?  For example, if you are suitable for ‘social field’ according to the result, then you might also be given the type of careers relevant to your aptitude.  Through this test, people know what most suitable job or course is.  Also if you want to know more information about questions or test more information about vocational aptitude test, knock on the web-site, http://work.go.kr/

 Interview with Samsung Electronics’ Mr. Yoon

 SMT: What is the most common question the students asked?

 Yoon : There would be recruitment at Samsung Electronics in October, so students most frequently asked about recruitment information.

 SMT: What is the merit aspect of applicants?

 Yoon : A person who is passionate and has a sense of globalization.

 SMT: For what reason did Samsung Electronics visit the 2007 Sookmyung Job Fair?

 Yoon : We came here to give recruitment information and to answer the student’s questions.  Ultimately, we wanted Sookmyungians who applied for Samsung Electronics to feel friendlier towards the company.

 A Voice from a Participant 

   Kim Aeree, who visited Samsung Electronics booth, said, “I was able to get a lot of information, of course.  However, I think it was information that I could get in any other school, not only at SMU.  In addition, it would be better for Sookmyungians to meet seniors in this chance so as to receive substantial information.”


  Career Golden Bell

    On September 5, The Career Golden Bell (a quiz show about careers) for Sookmyungians was held at Renaissance Plaza ; about 30 students participated.  One of the promoters of the Golden Bell, IVYS 9th Yang Song-yi said, “We prepared this Career Golden Bell for two weeks with 2Win.S.”  The Career Development Center and the Department of Employment in Troika helped to prepare this quiz show.

    There were 23 questions, including a guest-reader question.  Most questions were about issues of today.  The winner of Career Golden Bell was Kim Ha-yun (Division of Family & Child Welfare).  She said that her habit of reading news articles helped her to win this quiz show.

 If you missed this interesting event, try to solve the following questions, taken from the quiz:

  Q: What is the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite?

  A: Populism

  Q: This is a newly-coined word which is used to describe the combination of scholarship, credit, TOEIC score combined.  What it is?

  A: Spec (Derived from the word ‘Spectacle’)

  Q: This is a creative revolution in business, which keeps on finding new fields that no one has tried before.  What it is?

  A: Blue Ocean

  Q: This is a travel permit which allows travelers to undertake employment in the country issuing the visa for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.

   A: Working Holiday

  Q:(OX) In , when you try to find a job inside or outside school, you should be permitted in both situations. 

  A:(X) You should be permitted when you get a job outside school, for financial or private matter.


 Other Tips

  Recently, many companies tend to employ people who are fit for the company in order to prevent frequent resignations.  Companies pick many questions from various fields.  According to survey from JOBKOREA, many companies value sincerity, creativity, specialty and passion.  So if you are preparing for your career now, keep this in mind.

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