Exercise for Your Well-being Life
Kim Lee Kyung-hee  |  smtheeya@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2007.11.05  18:28:40
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 As days go by, the problems of university students’ health get worse than ever.  Troika?the 39th Student Government?has started well-being lecture to improve Sookmyungians’ health.  It also is one of the Troika’s electoral commitments.  The first well-being lecture was held on October. 2, in the courtyard in front of Queen Suheon Building for advertising.  A lecture that Troika prepared was Tae-Bo. 

The Tae-Bo instructor, Choi Young-hyun said, “Tae-Bo is a word of foreign origin.  Our own word for Tae-Bo is ‘Rhykwon,’ which focuses more on women’s health.”  Troika said “We are planning to make more interesting and beneficial lectures so that student who join the well-being lectures will feels that it isn’t just one of Troika’s programs, but more like a lecture of one semester.”

Troika also said lectures are planned until December, except the mid-term and final exam periods.  The well-being lectures are held every Tuesday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in 711, Student Union.

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