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승인 2015.09.06  15:41:13
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Now on my 5th vacation session since entering Sookmyung Women's University, I find myself entering the busiest vacation ever.  Recently, I went to see the movie Inside Out with my little brother, who is just 10 years old.  The movie centered on five human emotions, which worked together in the emotion control headquarters: joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust to help Riley, the main character regain happiness in a strange environment.  At first, sadness was considered a troublemaker because when sadness touches Riley's happy core memory, it turns into a sad memory.  However, one disastrous event destroyed Riley’s core memories.  Here imagination, friendships, and love of ice-hockey are all affected.  It is at this time that “sadness” has a profound effect on Riley.  Sadness is seen as an emotion that is not needed, but it is only grief that can make joy.  It maximizes our happiness and as such is another name for happiness.
Everyone faces sadness and depressed moments like at school, getting a job, and other personal issues.  You don’t need to hate or escape from these moments.  Just as the movie shows, happy or pleasant memories tend to grow or sprout from a sad beginning.  Thanks to sadness, people feel happiness and strengthen their personal happiness.  Even though some of you Sookmyungians might be facing hardships, think about how sadness is just another of your emotions and that in time, you will be overcame with 'happiness' and joy once more.  The summer heat wave is just about to over.  Autumn’s cool wind is around the corner.  During the new semester, it won’t be possible to always maintain your happiness and good thoughts but don't get immersed in depression and do not forget that joy and happiness are always on the way.

Hong Ha Sunwoo / Editor-in-Chief



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