SAP: Student Exchange Program from A to Z
SAP: Student Exchange Program from A to Z
  • Kim Rey Yeeun
  • 승인 2015.09.06 15:50
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The Center for International Affairs hosted a presentation aimed at helping students understand various exchange programs, which was held at the Global Lounge on July 14th.  Kang Soyoung, from Center for International Affairs said, “We had this briefing to inform students about available exchange program and to encourage the application.”  The presentation dealt with FAQs about application, starting with an introduction of the various types of Sookmyung Abroad Programs (SAP).  To students, the most important element to consider is the finance matter.  The speaker explained the university’s scholarship program.  She also discussed ways of going overseas without Sookmyung Women's University’s financial help, because sometimes foreign universities students wish to apply may not be a part of Sookmyung student exchange program, so students should apply for those schools directly without financial assistance.  The speaker also request students to submit all the documents on time including a consent form from one’s parents.  At the end of the presentation, much time was allotted to a Q&A session in order to resolve any and all concerns students had about the Sookmyung exchange program.  Oh Hangyeol, a student from Department of Chinese Language & Literature ’14 said, “This presentation helped me understand the application process that couldn’t understand before only through SnoWe.”

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