A Long Journey with The Sookmyung Times
A Long Journey with The Sookmyung Times
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
  • 승인 2015.10.08 00:19
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It seems like just a few days ago students were bustling about at the start of the new semester; however, midterms will soon be upon us.  With midterm exams just around the corner, SMT reporters are moving more diligently than normal to ensure SMT provides quality articles for our fellow students to read on breaks from studying for exams.  Despite gathering five times each month to publish The Sookmyung Times, reporters constantly agonize about articles.  Our goal has always been to develop content with articles and communicate that information effectively to Sookmyungians.  Since October 25th 1973, numerous reporters have passed through the office of SMT, and all have worked with these same goals in mind.  What you might not know is that one of the founding members of The Sookmyung Times is our very own Sookmyung president, Hwang Sunhye.  Throughout its establishment, we have published the English monthly magazine with our school mascot, Snowflake, on the front cover.  This month marks The Sookmyung Times 43rd anniversary.
It gives me great pleasure to know that I’m working with such a well-established and influential publication.  Along the way, the magazine has seen 83rd reporters, constantly working under hard deadlines, numerous professors who provide positive advice, countless numbers of interviewees who have allowed Sookmyungians into their lives, and so on.  The magazine has also endured its share of hardships like reduction in issue publication, the crisis of print media, and printing difficulties.  However, in spite of these hardships, SMT has been continuously endeavoring to get closer to students through awareness campaigns about our activities like our Facebook event postings.  Our reporters promise to do their best with each editions, and we hope every Sookmyungians is able to meet the world through the eyes of “The Sookmyung Times.” 
Congratulates SMT on your 43rd anniversary, but most of all thank you our SMT readers!


Hong Ha Sunwoo / Editor-in-Chief




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