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“Come visit my bachelor’s apartment.  I’ll cook you a delicious meal.”  Recently, Sumin, SMT reporter received this message from friend who is living on her own.  She was very surprised at the delicious meal because her friend typically ate out saying, “I’m not good at cooking.”  It turned out that her friend learnt to cook from watching the TV show Mr. Baek, Homemade Food Master.  Baek Jongwon is one of the hottest chefs in Korea at the moment.  Therefore, reporter Sumin decided to follow in her friend’s footsteps and try one of the recipes from the show to investigate whether it is really easy to create one of Mr. Baek’s wonderful cuisines.


Preperation, with Full of Expectation

The craze over Cookbang has grown to that of a cultural trend in Korea.  Particularly, at the center of it all is Mr. Jongwon Baek, an energetic unlicensed chef who became a CEO specializing in domestic and foreign brands and husband of famous actress Yoojin So.  Baek rose to stardom with his quick and easy cooking recipes, which earned him the nickname Baekjubu from netizens.  The nickname translates as “Homemaker Baek” in English.  The reporter began her cooking attempt by looking through all of Mr. Baek’s TVN TV show’s dishes.  From among the numerous dishes, she chose Janchi-guksoo (Korean banquet noodles) to prepare because at the time of selection she really wanted to eat it.  She watched episode seven to learn how to make the noodle dish.  Although Mr. Baek usually specifies ingredients and amounts required, he sometimes expresses requirements obscurely such as “Put in this much.”  This kind of vagueness made the reporter confused. However, she attempted the dish earnestly despite a bit of worry.




Cookbang My Own Cooking Teacher


After all was done, the reporter was left with mixed emotions.  First, unlike using typical soup anchovy, radish, or sea tangle broths like other Korean noodle dishes, Mr. Baek uses a vegetable stock so the dish was much fresher tasting and mild.  Also, the time required to make the broth was shorter.  The second great thing about Mr. Baek’s cooking method was that unlike the original method of making Janchi-guksoo, which requires numerous ingredients and a complicated process, Mr. Baek’s recipe was easy to make and simple.  The reporter felt that even though she was a cooking novice she could make the dish simply by following the method by Mr. Baek, The Homemade Food Master.  Janchi-guksoo is surely a name befitting his talent.  However, Mr. Baek’s recipe did not provide the rich taste of Janchi-guksoo’s true flavor because it does not use Jidan* or typical Janchi-guksoo's anchovy broth.  The craze over Cookbang is more than just interest in a trendy entertainment program.  It is bringing about the creation of good meals and improving the quality of cooking novices in Korea, especially students who live alone away from family while at universitity.


* Separately fried egg yolks and whites.

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