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승인 2015.10.12  18:09:24
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 네이버 구글 msn

Finally midterms have ended. 
Besides me, huge numbers of students at Sookmyung were enjoying life as a college student without any concern for the upcoming exams.  It is only after the exams that we are now reflecting on our personal satisfaction and whether we could have done better if we hadn’t procrastinated so much.  Well, I’d like to recommend you to put the past in the past and get ready for a fresh new start.  Some of you might feel November is too late to start anew and up your grades, but I want to suggest you view November as the start of something new.  How about starting that diet you have been putting off?  Or picking up that book that you bought but haven’t started?  All of these activities might change your mental state and revitalize your condition.

The Sookmyung Times is also looking at something new.  This is the second time ever in the history of The Sookmyung Times that it is being completed published online over the internet as a webzine.  To ensure success, SMT reporters have attempted to differential our webzine from other magazines online while still providing great articles of interest to Sookmyungians.  We realize the world is changing and become more and more paperless, so we have chosen this method for our readers.  From all of us at SMT, we hope by publishing online, we reach a larger audience and attract more readers.  Due to the restriction on webzine space, this edition will have few articles than our hardcopy publication, but the next edition will feature a complete magazine, like the one you have come to expect from us.  Last, everyone at SMT wishes you our readers a great new start to the second half of the semester.


Hong Ha Sunwoo / Editor-in-Chief

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