Smart Friends for Women
Smart Friends for Women
  • Park Kang Sieun
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Before your menstruation, something always signals that it is coming so that you prevent accidents in your pants.  You don’t need to calculate the days on the calendar yourself.  If you would be given help by somethings you would calculate wrong way because your body is not a machine, so your biorhythm can change and as such your menstruation date may not be on the date your calculation led to you believe.  The something is application for calculating your menstruation.  Nowadays, there are plenty of applications targeting women like that and they have made young women’s lives much more convenient. 


Smart Friends Around Us

There are three kinds of very unique applications for women.  The first is an app that calculates the date of a woman’s menstruation period.  It functions in much the same way as the old calendar calculation method does.  However, it provides detailed information on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and how to protect against sexually-transmitted diseases.  It will also give the person using the app information on obstetrician clinics near your location.  Other thing is application about beauty.  It is run by various methods.  While some apps are run by app participants, others are run by beauty experts.  Applications of these kinds inform users of fashion trends and how to put on cosmetics.  Most of the information provided also centers on dieting, which is of great interest to women.  Another application uniquely for women is the safety app for women.  It enables women to return home safely and without worry.  Like the app name, it helps women reach their home safe and sound at night.  Each of the above three kinds of app are available for download in various forms.  The user should choose one that most suits herself.
There are also a number of other applications for women.  Examination of application downloads that target women, shows several more popular applications.  For example, Pink Dairy, is an application that calculates the user’s menstruation period.  According to google play store, it has been downloaded by 1 million people and has a review of 4.6 out of 5.  You could see many praises for this application`s comfortable and usefulness in the download site.  Jo Soyeon, Department of English’ 15, said, “I am using a beauty app that shows me how to put on makeup properly based on today’s trends.  It’s great as it shows me various cosmetic application tips.  I have a lot of other friends who are also using this same app.  We usually discuss things presented on the app.”


Why Use a Friend?

Applications targeting women have risen lately because of the distinct characteristics of women.  Unlike men, each month women undergo menstruation.  Thus, women need to track their menstrual period so that they are not caught off guard each month.  Smartphone apps enable women to easily check the menstrual period and some even have alarming signaling the start date.  Also, beauty is something more women than men are concerned with.  According to one research, women in their twenties are deeply concerned about their appearance, but men in their twenties only ranked concern for appearance 5th among 10 items.1  Besides, women have long been greater targets of crime than men.  According to one research, violent crimes against women have even increased over the years from 72% in 1995 to 90% in 2013.2  Thus, women feel at ease with smartphone apps that allow them to travel more safely about at night being able to contact the police or use neighborhood security patrol services. 
In addition to the aforesaid reasons, women are more at ease with using information supplied through smartphone applications.  According to Evolutionary Biology, men were hunters while women were the gatherers and caregivers.  In other words, women have faster evolved over time to multi-task and manage multiple data than men.  Thus, smartphone applications that present diverse multitudes of data are better processed by women.  Regardless of that, applications focused on women have been increased because women have high percentage of using applications that treat many data like beauty application.

Rewards of Friends

Use of smartphone applications that target women make life convenient.  According to one research, 86% of university students use smartphones.3  Smartphones have become a life necessity, so they are always at our side.  Women are able to quickly and easily get information about their menstrual period and beauty whenever and wherever.  With just the touch of a button or two, information is at your side.  Also, there is no longer a need for a personal assistant because smartphone applications can provide all the data you need to know instantaneously, regardless of type.
Also, by this application, women can share their opinions free where they don`t feel burden.  Applications that focus on women are used mainly be women, so women feel comfortably uploading their comments or discussing women issues on them.  Also, if you would tell fundamental thing about beauty because you are beginner, you wouldn`t need to shame because there are many other beginners who worry same thing which you do.


Make Sincere Friends

Jo Heonkung, Chairperson of Business Headquarter in Ezday, said, “Women who were grown as concerning smartphone have increased.  Henceforth, women consumers will continue to lead the mobile market.  Many corporations including Ezday are concentrating their energy on developing applications that satisfy women’s needs and wants.”4   With the huge amount of apps available, women must be careful because though there are good applications, there are also a lot of poor applications.  Thus, each woman, herself, needs to determine what is right for her.  After initial application trials, each Sookmyungian will be able to determine what is useful or beneficial. Also, any feedback to app developers would ensure those apps improve.


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