7 Sex Scandal, Marijuana
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The movie Untold Scandal, which is more commonly known as simply Scandal is based on the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses.  The story can be described as love triangle between three people: Lady Cho, her cousin Jowon and Soh-ok.  Marijuana is an entangled sex story between seven courtesans at the end of the Chosun Dynasty.  In addition, sex itself becomes interesting material in this play. 

The story begins with a historic fact that one bin was withdrawn out of the palace at Sejong’s era, because she was so voluptuous and the subject of so many dirty rumors.  In this play, Crown Prince Hwi-ji, a son of King Sejong, and Bong bin led to a major part of this story.  The prince only seemed to outwardly enjoy reading books and studying.  He often called Yong bo, a eunuch described to be handsome, and entertained Dae-sik, the word meaning homosexuality at that time.  Actually, Yong bo was a great lecher.  He entertained sex with the other eunuch, Boo-Kwui and also he held one secret that he loved and had sex with Bong-bin before he entered the palace.  Yong bo always said, “I have no desire,” with hands moving down around the croutch.  Bong-bin appeared to meekly wait for the prince, but she always felt jealous of the other court ladies. Ironically, entertained Dae-sik with the ladies, So SSang, and Dan-ji.  So SSang and Dan-ji slept with each other secretly.  Seok Gai was a faithful waiting woman of Bong bin and her specific weight both physically and after this play was finished.  Although Bong bin could not sex with king because he didn’t enter her room, she studied the Kama Sutra, an Indian detail book about physical positions about various sexual acts, and enjoyed sex with many people other than the prince.  However, the fact that she was always in solitude would indicate that many women were ignored and isolated out of Chosun palaces, though they stayed in palace. 

This play straightly showed wet wood pestles that represented man’s penis and middle finger that meant the best at that time.  At the latter half, all seven people raised wooden pestle saw each other, and drank alcohol with others.  In this process, Bong bin revealed all of complex secrets about sex stories between the seven people.  And she said sadly, “History regards me as a lascivious and a bad woman cleared off the place.”

 In the last scene, while cloudy smoke was going up, which meant marijuana; seven people stare at one point in the empty sky.  Ultimately, they just secretly enjoyed courtly love regardless of sexes, could not talk about free love and just looked at the sky.  In the Chosun palaces, free love between partners must be inhibited.  Just for King and his desire, there must be all of the things.  Suppressed desires of others leaded all of these affairs.  Actually, there were many men and women in palace more than 10 years at that time, and love and sex between them seems to be real, though this play was fiction.  Are marijuana and love originally the same as hidden desires and spouting in society?

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