History of a Nation, the Korean Postage Stamp Museum
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t one time, the collections were a popular hobby for most boys and girls, and they learnt about different subject matter through the method.  One of collection hobbies is that of stamp collecting.  Still, stamps offer people with the means of learning a variety of cultural knowledge and background information on people from diverse nations.  Not far from Sookmyung is the Korean Postage Stamp Museum.  It is near Seoul Station.  There are numerous stamps from a huge number of different nations, which bring us closer to the world of stamps and the distant past of stamp collecting no longer seems so distant.


World Stamp?

Upon entering the Korean Postage Stamp Museum, guests encounter an explanatory board detailing the history of stamps.  The first stamp was issued on March 6th in 1850 in the United Kingdom by Sir Rowland Hill, who was a teacher and reformer.  It was made to resolve the serious issue of having recipients pay for postage.  There are also plenty of small figurines of foreign postboxes on display.  Guests get a glimpse at the number of different types of postboxes throughout the world.  Next to the figurines are other small figurines of foreign postal workers dressed in their uniforms.



Changes to the Korean, Korea Stamp

After encountering the board detailing the history of stamps, guests can find figurines of Korean postal workers, post offices, and postal vehicles.  The first postal worker figurine is wearing Hanbok, but as the decades go by, the museum shows how the uniform has changed and become more modern, which makes delivery more convenient.  In Korea, the first post office was known as the Postal Directorate, but now Koreans call it Post Tower.  The museum walls are lined with photographs of post offices throughout the years, which allow people to easy see how they have changed.



Diverse Stamps

At the Korean Stamp Museum, guest can see a lot of unique stamps.  Near the entrance, on display, are commemorative stamps for the drama Replying 1988.  Also, there are a number of stamps that feature familiar animated characters.  These characters are from Korean animation films, domestic cartoons like The Nation of Wind, and foreign animated films Disney.  Also, the museum also displays incorrectly designed stamps.  For instance, there is one stamp, made to commemorate Columbus’ achievement, but incorrectly shows him looking through a telescope.  At that time, 1942, when Columbus was out looking for the New World, the telescope had yet to be invented.  Like this, guests learn about a variety of stamps and their background stories.



Enjoy Stamps

Also, you can enjoy a lot of activity related with stamp.  First, guests may enjoy a lot of stamp-related activities.  For example, guests are welcome to join a game in which they search for correct answers to questions.  Also, you can color postcards with any colors on screen.  The reporter noticed that younger males seemed to really enjoy this game.  People also have the opportunity to try embossed printing, one printing type method.  Simply place a postcard in the machine and spin the handle of the machine.  The postcard will be returned with an embossed penguin or dolmen.  Next, there are videos worth seeing.  Guests may view videos on stamps of interest.  Lastly, there is also a place where the museum allows guests to create their own stamp.  To do this, all that is needed is a photo and money to cover the fee.  At the Korean Postage Museum, guests only benefit if they believe they will.  Merely taking a nonchalant attitude will only enable one to gain little knowledge from the visit.  However, if a longer look at things and a careful read will get you plenty of knowledge.  This reporter is certain that after a visit to the museum, you will consider stamp collecting.  A visit to the Korean Postage Museum is worthwhile.  You will experience something you can’t experience at any other museum.


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