Once Again Adding Variety to Sookmyung; WBBP
Once Again Adding Variety to Sookmyung; WBBP
  • Kim Rey Yeeun
  • 승인 2016.03.06 14:18
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The Winter Beyond Borders Program (WBBP) has once again benefited many foreign students.  The program ran from January 7th to 28th and provided foreign students with plenty of opportunities to experience and study Korean culture and language.  The program, managed by the Center for International Affairs, included a DMZ tour, a visit to Arirang TV for K-pop show filming, a Nanta performance, and a chance to wear Hanbok.  Students also had opportunities to learn how to cook various Korean foods, Korean history and culture, and K-pop dance routines.  Beside these fun activities, participants also took Korean language classes, Korean art classes, and Taekwondo classes.  Lee Shinhee, the director of the Center for International Affairs hoped the students have a great time in this program and to learn more about Korea.  The program also provided participants with an airport pick-up service to help students unfamiliar with the Korean transportation system.  On Sookmyung Women’s University’s homepage, brochures were uploaded to assist participants in course registration, health insurance application, meal plan signup, and with budgeting.  One participant, Shanice Hoi, said, “It was very interesting to learn Korean, and the program helped my understanding of Korean culture.”

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