Take a Firm Stance, Enjoy an Unpredictable Life
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승인 2016.03.06  15:03:18
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My friend enjoys a unique hobby.  He likes to play with Nano Building Blocks.  One day, he bought me a Nano Lego Set and said to give it a try.  To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in the gift, but to be nice, I decided to build the model and promised to show him the final result.  Took me a week, I finally sat down to break the seal on the set in order to keep my promise.  To begin, I read the instructions.  However, it just seems complicated, so I almost gave up right there at that moment.  In order to get through it, I choose not to look at the complicated pictures on the instructions, but instead, focused on the project one step at a time.  Working on it stage by stage, I realized that eventually the blocks started to turn into a cute teddy bear.  I then turned to look at the clock; an hour and a half had passed.  It took much less time that I’d first imagined.

Most of us younger people worry about our lives and future.  Everyone knows life is a mystery, but still it makes everyone nervous and weary of their lives.  The only resolve is to concentrate on present work.  I am also one of those terrified young people, afraid of what will come next.  Although I have tried to spend my time productively, I have failed to overcome my fear and worry about my uncertain future, so I tended to view everything as being pointless and useless.  However, I learnt a lot from this Lego experience.  I learnt the value of taking small steps.  In life too, if I just take baby steps towards my goal, my future will not be as bleak as I thought.  While building the teddy bear, I needed to break my construction from time to time because I’d done it the wrong way.  Interestingly, I found more creative ways to assemble the blocks.  Doing it slowly one step at a time may sound hard, inefficient, or boring, but by concentrating on it, the blocks eventually started to turn into something: from a tree to a businessperson, to a boxer, basically anything I could imagine.  A person who only looks at the past and future will only easily feel burden and anxiety.  I recommend just being relaxed and think of your time now so that you can focus on what is happening right now.  All the steps now will only lead to unexpected experiences and a great future.


Chang Chun Heejin / Editor-in-Chief

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