The Main Library for First Year Students
The Main Library for First Year Students
  • Park Kang Sieun
  • 승인 2016.03.11 18:17
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The Main Library held three separate events for first year students unfamiliar with its structure and services.  On March 2nd, the first day of Spring Semester, the Main Library held a first time borrower event for 110 Sookmyung Women’s University frosh.  The one-day event was held for students who had not yet taken out a book from the Main Library. Also, from March 7th to March 18th, the Main Library opened up a question and answer event for frosh so that they could ask questions and receive immediate responses from personnel staffing the Information Desk.  Lastly, from March 7th to March 18th, the Main Library offered library tours with Smarteer for frosh who had already pre-registered for the tour program.  Hong Hyunjung, a student from the Department of Library & Information Science ’16, expressed her satisfaction with the tour by saying, “I applied for the tour because I felt perplexed due to the Main Library’s enormous size which is different from the scale of my high school library.  On my own, I had trouble using its services and finding things.  Also, because I want to join Smarteer, Sookmyung’s leadership group, I need to learn useful information about the Main Library.  I was surprised by the magnitude of work done by the computer systems at the Main Library.” However, unlike Hong, few students participated in the tour.  Jo Seonggyeong, from Academic Information Services, said “We actually prepared a lot of events for first year students, but the lack of participation was disappointing.  Moreover, students who applied for the tour programme did not show up, so our team felt and frustrated.”  Every spring semester opening in March, the Main Library holds special events aimed at introducing the library services and other information, it is a great opportunity.  The Main Library hopes more students take advantage of it and its services. 


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