Snowflake Mentoring Begins
Snowflake Mentoring Begins
  • Kim Oh Jieun
  • 승인 2016.03.16 19:25
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On March 11th at Centennial Hall’s Han Sangeun Lounge, an opening ceremony for the 3rd semester of Snowflake Mentoring was held.  It was hosted by the Institute of Career Development.  Snowflake Mentoring started last year with the aim at helping Sookmyungians find themselves and grow into leaders with a professionalism that can help society.  At the beginning the program was restricted to frosh and second-year students, but it has now been broadened to include third year students.  This time, the main focus will be on second and third year students.  Lee Eunsil of the Institute of Career Development said, “Having operated the program for two consecutive semesters now, though it is beneficial for first year students, we have decided to focus our support and enhance mentoring for second and third year students.”  The ceremony consisted of three parts: and opening address by Kim Sanghyun, President of Snowflake Mentoring, followed by a promise of support and guidance between mentors and mentees, and lastly, an orientation for mentees that detailed the 7 participating teams and allowed for a discussion among teams.  Shin JiNoh, Department of Political Science & International Relations ’16 said “I’m delighted to be participating as a mentee in the Snowflake Mentoring programme.  It is hard to meet recently graduated alumnae who are currently working, so I hope to learn a lot from them through this mentoring program.”  The 3rd Snowflake Mentoring is scheduled to finish on June 24th.

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