Seolhwayeon, Passion for Taekwondo
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon  |  smt_wjy@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2016.05.07  15:33:29
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What comes to mind when you think of Taekwondo?  The image will likely include strong and flexible kicks, and another possible image can be loud bursts of noise discharged after deep concentration and originating from one’s strong willpower.  Like most others, many Sookmyungians probably hesitate to register for Taekwondo lessons due to these preconceived images.  However, the most important thing in Taekwondo is passion.  If you have this quality, you are the perfect candidate for Taekwondo.  The Sookmyung Times met Yun Youngjoo, Head of Seolhwayeon, to learn more about the club and its activities.


Would you please explain the meaning of Seolhwayeon and tell our readers a bit about the club’s activities?

Seolhwayeon literally means snowflake relationships and it is derived from the Chinese characters: 雪(snow), 化(flower), and 緣 (relation).  Members established the club in 2007 as a means of improving their health and with the idea of spreading Taekwondo culture to others.  Members meet three times a week to learn and practice Taekwondo skills.  By exercising and learning the basics, members advance through Taekwondo belt levels and eventually reach a level that enables them to qualify for the National University Taekwondo Championship Tournament.  In addition to that, members train for a performance in front of fellow Sookmyungians at the Sookmyung May festival.


Seolhwayeon engages in lots of taekwondo activities on campus; also, club members get plenty of chances to join off campus contests as well.  Among all the events you’ve participated in, which one remains fresh in your mind?

Among all the events, 'Jeontaeyeon' is the most memorable.  It’s the biggest Taekwondo festival for university students domestically.  To get ready for the tournament, club members track their weight, exercise harder, practice at other Taekwondo clubs besides our regularly scheduled club times, and so on in order to get ready.  Although the tournament is only open for university amateurs, competitors take it very seriously and prepare for it like a professional competition.  It’s a great experience and I’m proud of myself for being able to be a part of it.


What differentiates Seolhwayeon from all other university taekwondo clubs?

Passion.  Our members join consistently and are very enthusiastic during practices.  I think it is because we accept only those students who are passionate about Taekwondo.  We consider that quality more important than current skill level.  Some students think we should choose new members who have already attained a high level black belt, but there are lots of examples that clearly show how someone who is passionate can improve abilities and have good scores.  Resulting from this, our club has been very successful in winning contests and good records.


Lastly, would you like to leave any final words for Sookmyungians in 2016?

In a word, exercise.  Once you start, your life will suddenly become alive and you will notice your body becoming healthier.  Our club has the best weight lost method: natural weight reduction through contest preparation.  Instead of avoiding food, I recommend exercising as the way to lose weight.  If you are interested and want to know more about Seolhawyeon, call the club for information anytime.  Last, exercise for your life and please continue to show support and love for Seolhwayeon.


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