Friends of the Library: Do-Sa-Chin Recruits New Members
Friends of the Library: Do-Sa-Chin Recruits New Members
  • Lim Lee Gyuwon
  • 승인 2016.05.08 00:50
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From March 28th to April 5th, Sookmyung Women’s University’s library started a recruitment campaign for new ‘Do-Sa-Chin’ members.  ‘Do-Sa-Chin’ is a Korean language abbreviation for ‘friends who love the library.’  The club was founded with the goal of creating a healthy library culture.  Since the club gathers spontaneously, members foster a healthy environment willingly.  The club engages in three main activities.  First, members should join activities to nurture a genuine academic environment in the library. Second, members must participate in campaigns that draw in students to the library. Third, members must encourage students to share use of the reading room’s seats.  The club members typically enjoy a reserved library seat for 5 hours a day or a 3-day period of 15 hours and receive a library locker during examination periods.  Cho Sungkyung, Main Library Resource Development Manager said, “I started this program to create a fresh academic environment for students.  Also, I hoped that the program would decrease the problems caused by a lack of available seats during examination periods.”  By joining this club, during the following recruitment period, members are given special bonuses like being given the first shot at a library administration internship and higher priority for joining SMARTeer, a Sookmyung Women’s University leadership group.  Jang Subin, Department of Information Technology Engineering ’16, said, “Because it is so hard to find a seat during examination periods, this program offers a great way to get around the competition for students who use the library frequently.”  The club recruits students four times each school year during each examination period.

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