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What does the word ‘party’ mean to you?  To most university students, party is something strange rather than something familiar.  However, club IM is bringing the “party” to university life by energizing students and generating joy in daily life.  The club is also establishing a healthy party culture and removing the negative mindset of people toward the notion of party.  The Sookmyung Times met Kim Hyeokjun, Head of IM, and Kim Hyunjung, Planning Head, to learn more about the club and its activities.


What does your club name ‘IM’ mean?  Also, could you brief us on what your club is all about?

IM is an acronym for ‘Imagineer of Movement,’ signifying our pioneer movement to create change in the world.  IM was established in early 2010.  The club maintains as a party planner club, but also a culture creating club.  We plan, host, and enjoy unique projects.  By participating in these parties, we achieve the goals of our club, and all members are on equal footings.


Since its establishment, the club has hosted a number of parties.  Which is the most meaningful?

The KID-ADULT party in 2013 is the most meaningful party for us.  The club hosted this party on Children's Day eve at Club Ellui.  It was the first time a university club hosted a party at a club in Gangnam.  We had about 1700 guests attend.  Our club soon became the most popular club among university students.  Besides that party, our donation party, which was a collaborative event with PROMIZ, a fan club of actor Lee Minho, is memorable and the festival of Department of Fine Arts at Sookmyung Women’s University, which had approximately 800 partygoers, is also remained as a great festival in our memory.


There are plenty of university party clubs.  What makes IM special?

First of all, we do not aim to earn a profit.  IM’s ultimate goal is to establish and host various forms of parties.  It is not limited to one type of party setting.  The club prepares and hosts a wide variety of parties.  A donation party is just one example.  We also tried to collaborate with art galleries to host parties that are unique and creative.  At this point, compared to other clubs, IM is a party club that meets and expands the true meaning of party.  Also, since our club was established earlier than other party club, we are pioneers of party culture in universities.


Last, would you like to say any final words to Sookmyungians?

IM is planning to host a pool party in Gapyong or open at a booth at the rock festival in Incheon during summer vacation.  It is our hope that Sookmyungians come out to participate in one of these events.  Also, IM members recommend that before leaving university, each Sookmyungian has as many diverse experiences as possible and attend many various even though IM is not the host.


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