Where Is Your S Leadership?
Where Is Your S Leadership?
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There was a ceremony for The Sookmyung Times (SMT) 35th founding anniversary on November 8th, last month.  This ceremony consisted of the founding ceremony and an award ceremony for the University Literary Award and advertisement public subscription.  There were many impressive advertisements that received prizes.  The theme of the advertisement contest was To Inform People of Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU).  And all students who applied to contest chose S leadership to show advertisement’s theme. 

Through this contest, one could learn that Sookmyungians think S leadership symbolizes SMU.  Actually, many Sookmyungians think SMU is best leadership university and S leadership is their own brand.  However, I have a doubt.  They think S leadership is SMU’s character but do they really practice S leadership? 

I think most Sookmyungians don’t practice S leadership well.  Think of your class atmosphere.  Your class atmosphere is very quiet and Sookmyungians only study their subject.  I also take one class with about 100 Sookmyungians.  However, there are few students who answer the professor’s questions and speak their mind loudly.  In addition, there are many leadership groups in SMU, but students don’t join these groups.  Although many students participate in leadership groups now, I think it is a low number in comparison with all students’ number of SMU.  Leadership groups are a good chance to rise up and show leadership.  Nevertheless, Sookmyungians don’t join these groups because of their studies or other things. 

Leadership is not enormous and difficult.  It is also leadership to participate in class activities and join groups.  If you don’t practice S leadership, it will be just a shell, and SMU shouldn’t talk about S leadership.  Sookmyungians should think that when they practice S leadership, people can learn about both S leadership and SMU.  Also they must know they are walking advertisements for S leadership of SMU.

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