How about Dating with Me, Mother?
How about Dating with Me, Mother?
  • Kim Seol Jieun
  • 승인 2016.06.12 20:56
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“Hello.  How are you mom?  It’s me, Jieun.  You’ve always said that you’d like to go out shopping together one day.  Each time I was too busy because of various reasons.  Even now, you know I’m busy with school work.  Sorry I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you as when I was younger.  Therefore, I’ve prepared something special for you.  With the great weather these days, I thought it would be nice to spend time with you chitchatting over a delicious meal.  So, if you don’t have any other special plans, I’m asking you out on a date this evening.  Would you please do me the pleasure of giving me some of your precious time, Mother?”


A date with Mom

How much time each day do you get to spend with your mother?  Frankly speaking, Jieun, the reporter of the Sookmyung Times, hadn’t invested any of her free time in her mother due to the busy schedule such as the pressure to get a part-time job, a lot of assignments from major classes.  Quite frequently, the reporter would hear ‘why are you so busy?  Life at university shouldn’t make you that busy.’  Whenever the reporter heard this, she felt upset and anger that her mother couldn’t understand reporter’s situation.  Therefore, this reporter, to ease and better the relationship with her mother, decided to ask her mother out on a date.  Fortunately, her mother accepted the proposal. 
However, since the reporter had never been on a date with my mother, she had no idea what to do or where to go.  Therefore, she asked friends to recommend a good place.  Friends suggested various places such as going hiking on a nearby mountain, visiting Insadong or an art museum, and walking about a shopping mall.  However, this reporter wanted something special, so when one friend recommended a massage café, she jumped at the idea.  Investigation revealed a massage café in Hongdae, which is located near her family home.  She thought of a theme for the date: “feeling youthful with mother!’  She met her mother in Hongdae, and they headed off together in the directions of the cafe.  With good weather in our favor, they headed out on their date.



Sharing Your Youth with Your Mother

To be honest, when the reporter met mother in Hongdae, she felt a bit awkward because it was just like going on a first date with mother.  However, the reporter’s mother looked at her daughter with excitement in her eyes.  To begin, the two of us went directly to the massage café, the name of the café was Mr. Healing, and thanks to a special event, the reporter and her mother were able to enjoy the café’s services at bargain prices.  The average cost of a massage, which included a beverage, was 6,500 won.  The massage chair ran for 50 minutes.  During the massage, both this reporter and her mother felt all their fatigue fluttering away, despite the experience being a little bit painful.  After the massage, her mother said, “I feel a lot lighter after that massage.”  Because they had such a great time at the café, they both vowed to revisit the café together again one day soon.  Leaving the café after their massage and chitchat over specialty coffees, they went to a nearby restaurant for a delicious meal.  The reporter recommended a pork cutlet restaurant that was famous in Hongdae, but Mother preferred going to a pork belly restaurant located beside the massage café.  Fearing that asking Mother to come to Hongdae only to go on a date with her daughter might have bothered her, as they ate, the reporter asked whether mother was enjoying the date.  Mother said, “Of course, this is the first time I’ve been to Hondae since I was 28 years old.  It’s great fun!”  After supper, this reporter and her mother wandered about Hongdae Street like friends out having fun.  They did some shopping and made several recommendations on products that they believed the other would benefit from.  They also took a selfie in the middle of Hongdae to commemorate the date.  Reviewing the pictures they’d taken together, this reporter suddenly realized how much she resembled her mother, especially her eyes, nose, and mouth.  To end the date, they watched pleasantly the street performance.  The performance was accompanied by a man who sang while playing guitar.  It was a great date ending.



I Love You, Mother

At the end of the date, we headed home.  To some people, the date may seem trivial and expensive unlike regular dates with friends.  Still, the reporter highly recommends the massage café for Sookmyungians who wish to go on a date with their mothers because it is one place that enables both the mother and her daughter to relieve their fatigue at a price that is reasonable for young adults.  After such a wonderful date experience with her mother, this reporter is considering going out on a date with her father.  In fact, when her father heard about the date in Hongdae, he looked envious and jealous.  The memory of going on a date with your parents will last forever.  Most young people, including this reporter, do not spend much time with their parents because of the magnitude of work they must do.  However, family is more important than work incomparably.  Before going on this date with her mother, the reporter was also overlooking her parents.  While walking about the Hongdae area, where she’d gone plenty of times with friends, the reporter realized her indifference towards her mother and finally understood that her mother just wanted to spend time with her daughter.  Despite the quarrels and the irritation she felt towards her mother, this reporter really loves her mother and promised to be a good daughter and spend more time with her mother.




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