Bell for Sookmyungians
Bell for Sookmyungians
  • Lee Jung seungji 기자
  • 승인 2007.12.15 14:38
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On November 2, Maintenance Service installed safety devices for Sookmyungians.  The safety devices are located in front of every women’s room of Queen Sunheon Building , Myungshin Building and Student Building .  You can use the device whenever you face an emergency situation like encountering a groper, feeling severe pain, and so on.  To use, locate the apparatus in front of the women’s room, break the plastic cover and push the button strongly.  When you push the button, there is no sound because it is a silent alarm.  If you are being groped and the alarm sounds, he will run away owing to bell sound.  As soon as you press the alarm, if you can endure for 5 minutes, the people of SECOM will come running for you,.  The button will be restored to normal by the man of SECOM and Maintenance Service.  Shin Hyun Duck of Maintenance said, “Sookmyungians must know about the devises because when someone encounters a difficult problem, one can use the appliance.  People tend to be confused in emergency situations, so not remembering the methods for pushing the button will not help your situation.  So, I request that every student should know the device very well.”



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