Before the End of This Autumn
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승인 2016.10.05  23:41:41
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The summer heatwave has ended. Autumn is now upon us.  Even Chuseok, Korea’s Thanksgiving Holiday has passed.  Soon it will be October and midterms will start. Looking around, the trees have all become yellow and orange and lost their green color of summer. While everyone’s favorite season will differ, I personally love autumn best.  I love the clear blue sky and the fresh breeze of autumn as well as the colorful fall leaves. Most people are in awe at the sight of the beautifully colored trees.  Sadly, the leaves soon fall as winter approaches. 
Some people complain about the autumn season citing the scent of the ginkgo tree fruit; however, these trees are everywhere in Korea.  It is hard to avoid their smell. Each fall, the government receives thousands of phone calls from citizens demanding the trees be removed from their home areas.  Despite the smell, people need to consider the trees’ benefits before voicing such loud complaints.  First, the leaves of the ginkgo trees are natural air purifiers.  The leaves suck dust-size heavy metals from vehicle exhaust fumes from the air.  They are also mosquito and serpent worm repellants. Moreover, some research has concluded that patients’ cancer reproduction and cell growth was suppressed after the patients receive injections of an extract from the ginkgo tree.  According to other research, ginkgo tree extract is effective in the treatment of people who suffer from poor blood circulation and people suffering from Dementia. With all these benefits, the gingko tree should be held in high esteem.
People can often be heard saying fall is a great time to read.  Why do people make this comment?  It is connected to the fact that fall is a harvest season.  During this season, grains and crops are stored in warehouses.  As such, our ancestors used to consider autumn is the time to build up knowledge.  Also, it is during fall that people become peaceful and their mind, with the harvest out of the way, are able to concentrate on other things like reading.  Another reason could be that during the cooler weather of autumn, when the sky is clear and blue, the temperature and weather are perfect for taking the time to read.  In more recent years, we have developed air conditioners, fans, and heaters to get the right temperature, but it wasn’t that long ago that we relied solely on Mother Nature for that, which determined every day patterns.  Indeed, there is no bad time for a book, but with the season of reading upon you, I would like to recommend this activity.  It is my home that all Sookmyungians become well-read individuals.



Oh Lee Sumin / Editor-in- Chief

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