Celebrating the First Edition Publication
Celebrating the First Edition Publication
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2007.12.15 16:44
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Sookmyung Women’s University celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the Sookdae Shinbo and the 35th anniversary of SMT on November 8 in the Han Sang Eun Lounge of Centennial Hall.  With Professor Sookhee Lee in the chair, a commemorative ceremony was held with many programs.  On this day, an awards ceremony for the University Literary Award and Advertisement Public Subscription was made, too.  Prizewinners were granted testimonials from President Kyungsook Lee.  After that, President Kyungsook Lee’s congratulatory message followed.  She said, “Creative minds can be developed by untied knowledge and so studying only one major will make it hard to succeed in life.  Also, students have to get along with various people regardless of sex, age and race.  By doing this, they can show their integrated creativity.”  One of the first prize winners with work named ‘She is different,’ Suh Ji Sun said, “It is a very valuable prize for me and I think I received this to work hard more.  I will never forget the friendship with my friends who worked together to make the best work.  In addition, I thank President Kyungsook Lee to open an advertisement public subscription.”  An Lee jung-un, an editor-in-chief of SMT, said, “I will work much harder to give beneficial information to students and improve SMT.”

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