The Sookmyung Creative Writing Contest
The Sookmyung Creative Writing Contest
  • Mun An Yeawon
  • 승인 2016.12.10 22:38
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On November 22nd, the College of General Education at Sookmyung Women’s University held a presentation for finalists in the Sookmyung Creative Writing Contest.  Professor Park Seungug, representative for the program said, “The Sookmyung Creative Writing Contest allows students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.  Also, the presentations are involved in the contest to improve their communication skills.  Students need to volunteer for various contests, which they should see as opportunities for self-improvement, in order to develop themselves as leaders of the future, ready to lead the nation with great communication skills.”  Jeong Sebom, a student in the Department of Chinese Language & Literature `16, said, “I decided to enter the contest after my professor suggested I enter.  I will be forever thankful to him because the contest made me really consider my future in life.  I recommend all Sookmyungians participate in the contest the next time it is held.”  The contest began on November 7th when students were asked to submit a piece of creative writing on the ‘Relationship between a Robot and a Person’.  One of the stipulates was that robots can chat, have feelings, and are capable of free thought.  Two days after submissions, finalists were announced.  Being all-inclusive, the contest also looks at students’ communicative skills and their ability to reason out a problem.  Debriefing on final stage contest requirements to finalists and student judges was held at 5 pm on November 22nd and 24th with final judging and awards to be presented on December 1st.  

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