‘Green Snow’, Pioneer in the Area of Environmental Protection on Campus
‘Green Snow’, Pioneer in the Area of Environmental Protection on Campus
  • Mun An Yeawon
  • 승인 2016.12.10 22:43
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Nowadays, every cafe at Sookmyung has launched campaigns aimed at saving the environment by offering a discount of 200 won to students who supply their own cup.  By opting not to use a disposable paper cup, students help reduce environmental pollution, a problem not just for the government but for all citizens.  One club on campus works for environmental protection.  It is Green Snow.  The Sookmyung Times met Kim Soyeon, Head of Green Snow to learn more about the club and its activities.  


Would you please tell us how Green Snow got started and the activities your club engages in?

Green Snow was established to promote awareness of the seriousness of environmental problems like pollution and ecological damage.  We focus on 3 main activities: up-cycling, environmental education, and purification.  Up-cycling is an activity for all Sookmyungians who are truly interested in the environment and energy protection gather to create daily supplies from recycled goods.  We also involve ourselves with environmental education.  We design programs aimed at teenagers.  Lastly, we focus on campus purification projects.  ‘Green-Day’ is an example of such projects, and each of them is geared towards campus cleanliness.  These activities demonstrate to others how our club members are sincerely concerned about the campus environment as well as the environmental state of the nation. 


It is known that Green Snow participates in volunteer camp work annually each summer and winter vacation.  Is there any camp that pops to mind as most memorable?

While all camps are rewarding, the most memorable would be the most recent camp from this past summer vacation.  Because the camp was for elementary school children, it was quite a challenge to create a program that would fit their level of understanding.  After lengthy discussion, club members decided on learning material that utilized movies and shopping as a means of easing understanding and communication.  Thankfully, it was successful.  All children enjoyed the movies we had prepared and were keen to learn about global environmental issues.  Throughout the 4-day camp, the children’s interest in the environment began to grow.  Despite the hard work, each member worked effortless daily, never once complained of feeling tired, and passed the days with joyously. 


Lastly, would you like to leave any final words for Sookmyungians?

Students only seem to know fragmentary solutions for protecting the environment like “Save paper” or “Save water”, but what is worse, they rarely comply with these trivial tasks.  However, we hope students do these small tasks, which will in the long term have an environmental impact.  Students, and all people, must not give up on the small things because change is not seen quickly.  Each small step yields a big one for the environment.  For example, reducing your use of just 3 sheets of paper a day would be a reduction of 1000 sheets a year.  And, if many people did this, we would be saving a tree.  We promise to keep campaigning for the environment and act as good examples for others.  Please join our protection campaigns!



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