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From February 1st to 3rd, ‘College Days’, a program for in econd.  On February 3, sophomore, junior, and senior students in the Colleges of Science, Liberal Arts, and the School of Communication and Media greeted new students to their departments.  Each afternoon, members of Sookmyung Women’s University Student Council as well as members from the university’s school clubs greeted newcomers with smiles and small gifts such as candy.  During official program scheduling, the 49th Emergency Planning Committee, College Heads, Club Heads, and Leadership groups gave introductory speeches. After formalities, students followed their department representatives to a designated place where they enjoyed time together.  Gu Putreum, French Launguage and Culture’ 17 said, “I attended the program to meet older classmates and get tips on university life.   Also, as I’m new to course registration, I wanted to learn how to do it.  As I had hoped, I met and got friendly with a number of senior classmates and gained lots of information about classes and clubs.”  A second year student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “Compared to last year, it was quite boring.  Last year, university clubs performed live, but this year, they just gave speeches about their club.”  Because “College Days” is a formal event, the 50th Student Council should make it more fun and interesting in coming years.

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