The Real Story Behing 'Choi Soonsil Gate'
The Real Story Behing 'Choi Soonsil Gate'
  • Han Lee Hyebin
  • 승인 2017.03.04 16:02
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'Choi Soonsil Gate' a story that rock the Korean Pennisula as well as the world is filled with tales of corruption that implicate Choi Soonsil and her allies, so the National Assembly decided to hold a public hearing to straighten out the matter.  At the first session of the hearing, which was held on December 6th, Chairpersons of Korean major companies were called upon to testify.  Each Chair partly admitted they were involved with the MIR foundation and K-Sports foundation, but conclusive proof has yet to be found because of their uncooperative attitudes.  During the second session on December 7th, most of references did not attend to the hearing, yet the session ending in the news that Kim Kichoon, former presidential chief of staff, was acquainted with Choi Soonsil.  People tied to the medical corruption attended the third session on December 14th.  At this session, it was revealed that Choi Soonsil freely travelled in and out of the Blue House.  It was also revealed that President Park had undergone illegal medical treatment.  However, truth surrounding her missing whereabouts for 7 hours during the Sewol ferry sinking incident is still unknown.  During the 4th session on December 15th, Cho Hangyu, former CEO of SegyeIlbo Daily, shed light on the truth that government spied on top judges.  Surprisingly, Woo Byungwoo during the 5th session on December 22nd would only utter phrases of "I don't know" and "I don't remember."  With anger at the non-appearance by Choi Soonsil growing, the 6th session of the hearing was held at the Seoul Detention Center on December 26th.  Choi Soonsil refused to change her conviction and attitude, so another hearing session was scheduled for January 7th.  Though only 4 people attended the session on the 7th, the hearing session was fruitful.  The existence of a South Korean Blacklist for artists was admitted by Cho Yoonsun, nominee for Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.  The investigation will continue until February 14th, and all citizens hope to uncover all truths behind the Choi Soonsil Gate story.

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