A Severe Crime; Driven by Revenge
A Severe Crime; Driven by Revenge
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2017.04.04 17:37
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According to Jongam Police Station, a 65-year-old taxi driver was arrested and charged on January 9.  On January 3rd, a woman uploaded a video on the internet that showed her and her friends trying to hail a taxi around 3 a.m.  The driver refused to drive the women to their destination saying that his shift was about to end and he didn’t have enough time to get them to where they wanted to go.  Still, the women insisted and got into the taxi asking the driver to take them to Sinsa station as it was not far from their current Dosandero location.  Then the taxi driver got annoyed at them that he drove the taxi by revenge.  He drove the taxi on the opposite side of the road and swerved violently that the women feared for their lives.  In the video, the driver is heard saying he had warned them that his shift was about to end and that he didn’t have time for a long-distance trip.  He said that they needed to feel fear and panic for not heeding his words.  They ladies begged him to stop playing with both their and his life.  Also, they promised to apologize if he would simply stop the vehicle and let them out.  In the video they are also heard saying they would grab another cab instead.  However, the taxi driver, full of road rage, is heard saying, “No, I will bring you to your destination, but you will know my anger.”  Because of his reckless driving, the two women customers were injured, but because of the video, the driver was caught by the police.  Driving recklessly is a crime that could cause the loss of life.  But it is a sad thing a lot of people are still driving by revenge.

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