New Boys Generation, Produce 101 Season 2
New Boys Generation, Produce 101 Season 2
  • Kim Choi Hyojin
  • 승인 2017.04.10 19:52
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Last year, ‘Produce 101 Season 1 for Females’ was aired on television and 101 women fought their way up the ranks to the championship.  Nationwide viewers, referred to as ‘National Producers’ called in their votes and in the end, the top 11 got to debut as a female idol group with the name ‘IOI’.  They were tremendously popular and successfully completed a year of activities.  In addition to this 11-member group, all other girls in the competition have been actively doing their broadcasting activities.  Because of the show’s popularity, ‘Produce 101 Season 2 Male Edition’ aired on April 7th and has attracted plenty of fans already.  The show began with videoclips of the top 40 contestants in their hometowns.  It is hoped that this will better show each contestants’ individual charm and give TV viewers more opportunity to make informed voting choices.  Also, males who have already had debuts and enjoyed a bit of fame will have an advantage over contestants who’ve never been in the public eyes.  Many people are also raising controversy due to new regulations for rating.  In Season 1, the rating system divided contestants into ranks of A to F according to their vocal and dance ability, but for Season 2, contestants will engage in all tasks including meals, personal hygiene routings, and interviews according to their ranks.  A large number of people are complaining about the new policy as its focus is not on learning but on discrimination and increasing anxiety, which can cause contestants to suffer mental health issues.  Despite the controversy, audiences are full of expectation and enthusiasm, and some people are arguing that these new ideas in the program will spark more interest in the show.  However, if these negative issues are not addressed and allowed to continue, audiences are soon to lose interest and boredom is surely to set in.  The next all-male idol group that rockets to stardom from Produce 101 Season 2 will be chosen by people across the nation, so the program should listen to the opinions of their target audiences so that Produce 101 Season 2 will hold its fan base and the love of viewers.

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