Humanities Meets Scientific Technology
Humanities Meets Scientific Technology
  • Choi Shin Woohyun
  • 승인 2017.06.22 20:29
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On May 10, Sookmyung Women’s University invited a guest speaker to discuss the ‘The Possibility of Science and Humanities Blending’ at the Suryeon Faculty Building.  Although it was originally going to be held at Veritas Building, the number of advanced registration for the lecture made it necessary to change the location.  The focus of the special lecture was great significance to students.  Professor Park Inchan, a professor of English Language and Literature as well as Sookmyung Humanities Research Laboratory Head, said, “Unlike the past, when science and technology were largely viewed negatively, now it’s important to embrace them and find various approaches to their blending in modern society.  With these new perspectives, this lecture explores connections between the sciences and humanities.”  He added, “I hope today’s lecture inspires students to seek alternative paths besides the straight line down their major and on the way to a career.  I hope they use their time to actively find out what contributions their humanities major can make to the world.”  Along with student participants, there were a number of professors.  Professor Lee Jaejun, special lecture presenter, expressed great enthusiasm while talking about the new direction for the humanities on the science world.  Moreover, the lecture successfully focused audience’s attention through various visuals.  Graduated student Kang HyoJung, currently enrolled in a Master’s degree with the Department of Life Science, said, “I’ve never thought about the humanistic or philosophical aspects of science, but today’s lecture shed new light on the possibility of their fusion.  The lecture was professional and beneficial for me.”

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