Making Sookmyung a Healthier Campus
Kim Hong Taeeun  |  smt_tek@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.06.23  00:32:40
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On May 8, 2017, the Health Care Center at Sookmyung Women’s University hosted an event at the plaza in front of the Queen Sunheon Building.  The event aimed to create a healthier campus for students.  A ‘No Smoking Campaign’ ran by the Seoul Smoking Prohibition Support Center, called ‘Smoking Prohibition Support Visiting Service’, took place.  The program representative in charge of cooperation with universities explained how its program affects college students.  She said, “The Smoking Prohibition Support Visiting Service keeps close ties with organizations like university health care centers to reduce blind areas by visiting those places and providing health information.  Services such as measuring carbon monoxide levels, which students do not get the chance to do often, are also offered.” The event also offered students an opportunity to participate in programs ran by the Yongsan-gu Health Care Center.  The most popular program was obviously the ‘Free Anthelmintics’ booth, for it maintained a long line throughout the entire event.  Cho Hyojin, Division of Education’ 17 commented, “It was great to receive free anthelmintics at school.  Still, it would have been more helpful if there was information on why we still have to take anthelmintics.” Another activity included was a ‘True or False Quiz’ testing students’ knowledge on tricky health facts.  Results clearly showed that Sookmyungians were familiar with most of the information.  In addition, there was a booth prepared for Sookmyungians to sign up for cervical cancer vaccination. Over all, Sookmyungians were able to take a step towards a brighter and healthier campus.  

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