Newly Refurbished Sookmyung Times
Newly Refurbished Sookmyung Times
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2017.09.04 19:45
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A year and a half has passed since I joined The Sookmyung Times.  In the beginning, I began as a cub reporter, graduated to full reporter, moved onto society section editor, and now I find myself the new editor-in-chief of The Sookmyung Times.  Being appointed editor-in-chief leaves me feeling both happy and nervous at the same time.  While it gives me great pleasure because I have dreamt of leading The Sookmyung Times since joining the magazine so I have accomplished my dream, I am nervous considering all the responsibilities I have to lead The Sookmyung Times in the right direction like pervious editor-in-chiefs.  A leader manages their staff with an attitude of convergence and criticism.  I promise to be the type of leader that accepts the voice of others and makes The Sookmyung Times more upstanding.  Gratefully, I have a staff of exceptional reporters who will be working with me throughout my term to renovate the look and style of The Sookmyung Times.
As readers will notice this month, The Sookmyung Times has changed.  The article ‘Join Us’, an interview article that introduced school club organizations, both on and off SMU campus, has been replaced with ‘Cheongpa Runway’, an article that looks at campus fashion.  The focus of the article will range from clothing to cosmetics to other items of interest among Sookmyungians.  It will also contain a short interview with the person of interest in the article to learn more about the person and the article item focus.  Another change to The Sookmyung Times is the format of ‘Formal Article’.  In prior editions, ‘Formal Article’ returned to the previous month’s hot topics, but now the article will only briefly summarize the news and focus more on the thoughts and opinions of SMT reporters towards breaking news.  Another change readers will surely notice is in ‘SMT Culture’.  SMT Culture articles used to only present synopses of books or movies, but now they will also include reviews, recommendations, and catch phrases from the books or movies.  Besides content changes, the design of the article has also been altered to make it more appealing to SMT readers.  The last change, and the most obvious as you may have noticed, is the cover of The Sookmyung Times.  SMT reporters once decided the cover together by discussing items that would best highlight the month’s issue; however, the cover will now be directly connected to the main topic of the issue or the ‘Coverstory’ or ‘Feature’ of the month.
SMT reporters, over numerous hours in meetings, collaborated to bring its readers a better magazine.  It is our hope that our effort will bring about more satisfaction with the magazine among readers of The Sookmyung Times.  Please continue your devotion to SMT and we promise to do the same for you!

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