Successful Employment: NCS Job Competence School
Successful Employment: NCS Job Competence School
  • Shin Choi Woohyun
  • 승인 2017.09.04 20:32
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On July 25, the Office of Career Development hosted the final session of its ‘2017 Summer Vacation NCS Job Competence School’ on the fifth floor of Queen Sunheon Building.  The training aimed at detailing National Competency Standards (NCS) so that more students become acquainted with the agency’s operations.  NCS is the center of the current job market occupational basic skill’s process, general concept of duty and improving job skills.  The program ran from July 17 to July 25 and was open to all Sookmyungians in their second, third, and fourth years at school.  Organizer of the program, Lee Hyun Kyung, Office of Career Development Section Chief, clarified the meaning of this training program as: “The importance of job performance based on National Competency Standards (NCS) now extends outside of the public section to private enterprises.  However, the typical student has neither understanding of nor the chance to learn about the NCS and its duties.”  For a total attendance of 30 hours or more, the credit rating is acceptable.  Lee Hyebin, a fourth year Business Administration student, said, “I am preparing to enter a conglomerate, but conglomerates now have close associations with NCS.  Hence, the program was very informative and it will surely assist my employment preparation.”  In addition to classroom lectures, mock interviews for participants are scheduled for between August 1 and 3.  Sookmyung Women’s University plans to continue the NCS Job Competence School program continuously on the recruitment season.

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