Innovative University Education: A Seminar on the Best Practices for University Education
Innovative University Education: A Seminar on the Best Practices for University Education
  • Choi Shin Woohyun
  • 승인 2017.10.11 19:32
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On August 31, a special seminar was held on the topic of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution and University Education’ at Veritas Building 306.  It was co-hosted by the PRIME Project Group and the Education Innovation Center, and was aimed at discussing the direction of where university education should head in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The seminar was open to all educational personnel including administrative staff and professors interested in the subject matter.  Kwon Waesook, Section Chief of the Education Innovation Center, said, “The seminar was held prior to the assessment of Sookmyung Women’s University’s 2nd anniversary of structural reform, which is to happened soon in the following year, so that the school could increase its education curriculum satisfaction levels.”  Among the talks at the seminar, speaker Han Suksoo, Director of Korea Education & Research Information Service, looked into current trends of higher education and commendable changes using research and analysis of both domestic and foreign universities for triumph in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Lecturer Choi Sung Hee, Office of Employment Support Team Leader, said, “As future talent cultivators, universities must be prepared institutions and stay ahead of others.  Thus, universities need to establish concrete programs in order to ensure a differentiated competitive advantage in the field of education.”  She went on to say, “In this regard, the seminar serves as a useful occasion to spread fundamental understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and directions for both social and educational change.”  Such lectures will be followed later on, so watch carefully at the SnoWe’s announcement.

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