Fashion: A Mirror of Yourself
Kim Choi Hyojin  |  smt_khj@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.10.12  15:36:59
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Fashion allows one the freedom to express oneself without control and rules.  It can either reflect your attractiveness and beauty or can be used to make a point.  Lee Hannah in the Division of Law’ 14, said, “Other people claim my fashion statement reflects my personality and makes others comfortable”.  Like Lee, fashion is a mirror of oneself and how you feel about yourself.  


Lee Hannah
Division of Law '14


Q. What is the key point you are making with your fashion style and the reason behind your outfit choice? 

I think it is important to wear clothing that matches one’s body type.  I enjoy wearing tight fitting dresses or skirts that emphasize my strengths.  Today I am wearing a tight short skirt and floral print blouse, which I believe suits me well. 


Q. What aspects of fashion do you value most?

I like outfits that have beautiful patterns, but I also take into account an item’s appropriateness for college students as I wear it often at school.  So, I like to combine leggings with our school jumper, or a coach jacket.  Recently, I am partial to my plum sukajan jumper.  Being a Sookmyung student, I also try to make use of various snowflake items.


Recommended Item

Top Blouse Zara 59.000 won
Lab Skirt H&M 29,000 won
Sandal Soda 220,000 won
BB Balm Mac 41,000 won
Face it The Face Shop 11,900 won
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