Life is a Journey
Life is a Journey
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2017.11.08 21:25
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November, and a week after midterms have ended, are you ready to enjoy life again after the stress and pressure of exams?  I am sure some of you are planning activities with friends such as going to a movie, and others are dreaming of sleeping the days away in hopes of revitalization.  Still others of you are likely arranging short weekend getaways.  Among all the after midterm possibilities, I would personally like to recommend a short weekend or one-day travel excursion to rejuvenate your senses and body. 
I always take time to travel even if I am bogged down with work.  Since entering university, I have made it a point to travel, so although this is only my second year in school, I’ve been to places like Jeju Island, Jeonju, Guam, and Taiwan, and I have also been to several cultural events in Seoul.  I travel at any time during year and never just wait for the school vacation periods.  For those adventures, I have taken various part-time jobs and did my ultimate best to spend thriftily during study semesters so that I would have plenty of funds for the trip.  If I find I lack the funds for a trip that requires me to travel by air, I head off on a day trip to the provinces or to a festival, and typically only spend about 30,000 won for an entire day of fun.  I travel as a means of eliminating my stress but as well as a way of merely relaxing.  All my worries seem to dissipate when I’m out and about, so after considering my money situation, I made a decision on where to go.  My adventures are neither long nor pricy.  Short and sweet without the luxury are means to a positive mindset and making the best of my time I can. 
My travel experiences invigorate my energy so that I am ready to overcome my hardships.  Any time I feel pressured in life, I look to my happy self in my travel photos.  Whenever I feel exhausted from the workload at school, I recall my travel experiences and tell myself it will soon be over and then I’ll head out again on another happy getaway.  With these thoughts and images, I work harder and strive to be the best in all that I do. 
It is true that most university students fall victim to the pressures at school; however, a short holiday or daytrip is a sure way to get rid of any and all stress.  How about giving my advice a try?  Stop for a moment and visit other places without deep planning or thought of “I can’t go right now.”  I strongly believe it will set you free from the burdens of studies and other work.  Why not leave now on a short outing?


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