Let's Walk on a Road of Snowflakes: SNOWAY
Let's Walk on a Road of Snowflakes: SNOWAY
  • Kim Taeeun, Song Heejeong
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Wouldn't it be nice to have a guardian angel walking along side you and constantly telling you the best direction to take in life when it comes to study areas and career choices?  How about being able to obtain records of your progress throughout your four years of university so that you could write the perfect letter of self-introduction when applying for a job?  If you desire either of these two situations, there is great news for you.  SNOWAY is the road to future designing and creating your own future.



What is SNOWAY?

SNOWAY was first introduced on September 4 as a career development system to manage both career counseling and start-up businesses.  Job Fair Operator explained SNOWAY on September 6 saying, "Few students enter Sookmyung Women's University with firm career direction plans.  Since a lot of students suffer from confusion of employment direction, a lot of students feel lost and often take temporary leaves of absence from school.  For this reason, Sookmyung Women’s University decided to establish a system of counseling and management that could help students find the right path for themselves in life."  The website for SNOWAY is www.snoway.sookmyung.ac.kr, and on it there are 7 distinct sections: ‘Building One’s Vision’, ‘Career Decisions’, ‘Capability Development’, ‘Job Information’, ‘Counseling’, and ‘Community and Social Networking Sites’.  Sookmyungians do not need to specially register to other websites to obtain access to information on those pages.  SNOWAY was established with four main objectives in mind.  The first is to help guide students towards activities that would best suit their career goals as well as provide training that would help them achieve those goals.  Second, SNOWAY, in addition to providing details of requisites and activities required for a specific career, provides customized career management for each student's path towards that career.  Third, it was established with the aim of providing a career SNS so that students could get feedback and share information on their respective career hopes and paths, especially detailed information on company recruitment methods, recruitment periods, and interview success tips.  Lastly, SNOWAY monitors and provides feedback to students on their development.
Choi Sunghee, the Director of the Employment Support Center said, “Since all school event and activity participation is recorded in the system, Sookmyungians are able to view at any time their past and current extracurricular school life activities and performances.”  In other words, the system allows students to access a systematic record of their supplemental work throughout their university years.  The website presents students with vital job information such as companies’ explanation, free aptitude and personality tests, and direct 1:1 online consultations with professional counselors.  Moreover, students interested in the latest updates from a particular company may choose to have alerts sent to their phones and any article or bit of news will be sent immediately.  It operates very much like Facebook, where you can ‘like’ a variety of groups or pages and talk with friends.  Also, Sookmyungians can share information with fellow Sookmyungians as well as one’s activities are recorded.  The site assists students with goal planning and achievement with its tracking system.  By registering early in their first year of university with SNOWAY, students are able to print their complete 4-year portfolio at the end of their studies.

Benefits of SNOWAY

The numerous functions of SNOWAY will surely come in handy for Sookmyungians.  For instance, SNOWAY allows students to take free online tests.  Tests that require payments such as the Holland Aptitude Test (RIASEC) and Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R) are offered to Sookmyungians free of charge free twice a year on SNOWAY.  Sookmyung Women's University bought the testing programs so that students could have easy access to the useful resources without suffering the burden of test cost registration.  Test results can be analyzed and used as tools for setting career goals.  For students wishing to learn more about themselves, where their interests or forte are, and what type of job would best suit them, the free online tests are good starting points.  Since the tests are free, it is also a good idea to take them whenever they are offered to reflect on changes made over time.  In particular, students will discover how their time at Sookmyung has affected their interests, skills, and even personalities. 
Another great way SNOWAY can be used is for obtaining job information.  SNOWAY provides detailed information about various companies both in and outside of South Korea.  Students may opt to select certain companies and save them as ‘interested company’, which allows students to receive notifications when new articles, recruitment notices, and any other information related to the ‘interested company’ is uploaded.  Additionally, because Sookmyung Women's University connected the most-used employment information websites with SNOWAY, students can obtain all the information they need from just one website; that is, there is no need to do multiple searches.  For instance, in the past, students had to register at numerous employment websites and join plenty of online cafés in order to gain access to good examples of personal statement essays, cover letter, and to hear successful job interviewee stories.  On top of that, most of those sites charge people money to become members and gain full access to information.  However, SNOWAY makes it possible for Sookmyungians to freely view all relevant data.  All Sookmyungians have to do is simply sign onto SNOWAY though their Sookmyung Portal accounts. 
SNOWAY can become an easily accessible portfolio because every activity an individual participate in gets recorded on it.  Also, a number of activities and school events in which students participate will automatically be recorded into the system.  Extracurricular activities that students register for on SNOWAY and attend will automatically be recorded such as enrolled courses, school clubs, and leadership groups, as well.  Another useful function is the option for students to write reviews of an activity, event, or course they’ve taken or participated in.  A student’s online test results, stored articles of interest, and goal reflection comments are also recorded on the website.  In other words, the website’s records of students are very well kept and accurate verifications of students’ capabilities.  The system’s student portfolios may be used when applying for jobs because SNOWAY has made it possible for the portfolios to be attached as links to one’s online resume submission.  SNOWAY understands that it is not always possible for students to keep clear and accurate records of their activities each and every semester, so it offers them a solution to the problem.

Mileage: Credits for Participation 

‘Extracurricular Program Mileage’ refers to points accumulated whenever a student participates in a program.  It was introduced to motivate student to join the system.  Points are earned by joining a variety of Sookmyung Women’s University school programs such as special lectures, special events, and camps, each of which requires a student to register for them through SNOWAY.  Since only students within seven semesters of college admissions are eligible for mileage points, students on temporary leaves of absence, students who have completed the full major course of study, and graduates are not eligible even if they participate in school programs.  Mileage points are earned whenever students apply for and complete a program, but there is an additional requirement that is often forgotten.  Students must also complete a satisfaction survey on the program once it’s complete.  After the survey has been submitted, the system will automatically credit the student with mileage points.  Students receive a maximum of 25,000 mileage points for short-term programs of 1 to 3 days and 50,000 mileage points for longer term programs that are at least 4 days long.  Unused mileage points will dissipate, but points can be continuously accumulated.
Mileage points can be used in one of two ways.  The first is to use the accumulated mileage points as scholarship money.  200,000 mileage points can be exchanged for 200,000 won in scholarship money.  However, it should be pointed out that only 150 students will qualify for this exchange per year.  The second option is exchange accumulated mileage points for one mandatory class credit.  An accumulation of 250,000 mileage points can earn a student one credit towards any mandatory major course.  A student may apply for this option only one time in her university life.  Once the mileage points have been used, they are no long available for a second usage.  Students should beware of the following regulations.  First, programs that operate for less than four hours will not receive point credits.  Second, though a long-term program is not run by Sookmyung Women’s University, if it is operating in partnership with other universities, students may still earn points.  Third, programs that give course credit or payments of money are not eligible for accreditation in SNOWAY.  Fourth, mileage acquisition criteria can change from year to year.  SNOWAY offers students the chance to kill three birds with one stone, but they need to be wary of a few policies.

Where SNOWAY Leads

Keeping a steady and continuous build-up of personal career path data is both effective and useful.  Although the main reason behind the creation of SNOWAY was to strengthen Sookmyung Women’s University students’ competency and career opportunities, it also provides them with a great record of their campus life beyond book studies, something they can look back in years to come.  Students now have extremely useful functions all in one place and all right at their fingertips.  Hopefully, Sookmyungians will make good use of SNOWAY and let it guide them down the right road for them and onto a bright future. 

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