Making Healthy Human Relationship
Kim Lee Jihyun  |  smt_kjh@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.12.12  15:33:20
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On September 28, the learning strategy workshop ‘Making Healthy Human Relationship’ was held.  The lecture was open to all students worried about campus life, relationships, and academics.  About 25 students seeking advice on the topics attended the workshop held in the Haengpa Faculty Building on Thursday at 4:30 p.m.  Jung Eunjin, Head of the Career and Calling Institute, was the main guest speaker.  The Career and Calling Institute is a consulting agency that provides coaching and education to students wishing to develop their career path and calling in life.  Kim Hongmin from SCTL (Sookmyung Center of Teaching and Learning Services) in charge of the workshop, said, “We consistently host these kinds of events about four times a semester to help students’ learning and campus life.  We invite lecturers and host the workshop.” He also added, “We plan to host three more workshops.  As hosts, active student participation motivates our work and gives us the energy to keep being active helpers to students.  I hope students continue to show interest in the workshops and join our future planned special lectures.” The workshop lecture was both relaxing and carried out in a comfortable atmosphere.  Students took short MBTI tests and self-esteem tests.  Lecturer Jung talked about personality, relationships between couples, and how to maintain healthy relationships.  After the lecture, one participant, Kim Gyuri from the School of English Language & Literature '15 said, “I saw the announcement on SnoWe.  The topic of the workshop attracted me because I worry about making human relationships, so I registered for this lecture.” She also added, “I liked that the lecturer gave us advice on how to prepare before engaging in conflict.  It was very useful to me.  I am satisfi ed with the useful tips and many examples and videos that the lecturer showed us.” The next three workshops will soon be posted on SnoWe, and topics that are to be addressed are tips for using computer programs like Powerpoint and Prezi.

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