Show Me Your Love
Show Me Your Love
  • An Lee Jung un
  • 승인 2008.03.10 21:19
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The March is new start month because many schools greet new students and they start study in new circumstance.  Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) also greets a freshman.  The freshman will flutter with new hope and they ready happy university life.  However, some freshman will feel that university life is not good because as time goes by they will be left alone. 

Problem of getting a job is not only senior’s worry anymore.  Recently, sophomore prepares an employment examination.  Therefore they very busy to study.  Even they spend a time to take an examination for example TOEIC, TOFLE and MOS etc.  While university students spend a time like this, they can’t meet friends, junior and senior also can’t join their major department events.  After all they will become an alone.  Actually we can see a situation that students don’t take part in department events so the events finish shabbily.  In addition almost students don’t know their department junior and senior so they can’t say ‘HI,’ ‘How are you?’  May be almost students have this experience.  

Of course it is very important to study hard for individual’s success.  However, there are more important things.  That is to show your love to friends, junior and senior.  Please, meet your department’s students and join events and lead your junior.  If you do this, your university life will be happy and you get people that are more valuable than knowledge.  Also freshman can feel senior’s love and they also will love junior in the future and it will be connect in society.  Then this love helps you when you enter society. 

About 2 month ago, I met a friend and heard her talk.  She said “I envy Korea University because they have powerful union.”  I didn’t say her any words that time but I can say now.  “You don’t envy Korea University.  SMU also can have union when you show love to your junior and senior.”

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