Fantastic and Magical Tales at Christmas
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Snow is falling Carols are playing everywhere.  One of the world’s biggest winter event is right around the corner―Christmas is coming!   Even though you are an adult, don’t worry.  You can still enjoy the special season with a special Christmas present named ‘magical Event’.  SMT reporters welcome you to these fantastic fairytales of happiness.  The magic fair has something for everyone, so hop into a comfy chair and fall into these special stories, especially chosen for Christmas. 



One Second before Christmas - by Romain Sardou (2016)

Famous Lines
“The reason why the events were so bizzare is only ascribable to the spirit of the house, Balbec.  The writer just writes what happened by his will without knowing anything.”
‒ p 127 Romain Sardou

In 1851, in Cokecuttle, an English industrial city, more than 40 poor and uneducated children gathered in the town square to find work as chimney sweepers.  Among all the starving feeble children, one boy, named Herold, stood out with his luminous eyes.  After escaping from Miss Ferret, director of his orphanage, who regularly mistreated him, Herold went to live with Palu, an elderly man who lived under the Cokecuttle bridge.  Listening to Palu’s fairy tales, myths, and legends, Herold lives the remainder of his short life happily.  One day Palu is murdered by gangsters, which leaves him alone in the world.  To make matters worse, Herold is falsely accused of swindling, stealing, and even murder.  He is relocated to a farm, where he must work hard to survive.  However, one day, he meets Lupin, an amusing goblin, and this is the start of his journey to becoming Santa Claus.

‘One second before Christmas’ is the first novel in the Christmas series written by Romain Sardou.  Sardou did not start his career as a children’s book writer and is better known for his detective and historical novels.  He decided to write a book for his young daughter because in 2004, at his daughter’s first Christmas, he realized he did not know much about Santa Claus.  Who is Santa Claus and why does he live in the Arctic?  How is it possible that he knows the wants of children?  Is it even possible for him to make and deliver all those great gifts?  Unable to answer his own questions, he started to write his own answers, and the first book in a series of novels.  The novel traverses the boundaries of fiction and reality.  With each turn of the page, readers discover Christmas and expectantly await the arrival of Santa Claus.  With just a few days from Christmas, why don’t you begin your journey to belief in Santa again with one Second before Christmas?



Serendipity – by Peter Chelsom (2001)

Famous Lines
“No, I think we make our own decisions.  I just think that fate sends us little signs, and it’s how we read the signs that determines whether we’re happy or not.”
-Sara Thomas

The movie begins with an accidental encounter between Sara, a British counselor, and Jonathan, an American reporter.  They pick up the same pair of cashmere gloves at Bloomingdale’s department store.  This incident leads to the two individuals spending several hours together before falling completely in love.  Before bidding farewell, Jonathan askes Sara for her phone number.  Sara does not give her number, but instead says if fate wishes for them to meet again, they would.  Each of them write their names and phone numbers on a book and on a 5 dollar bill.  If they find the books and notes later, Sara said it is fate’s way of telling them they were meant to be together.  Seven years to that day, Sara and Jonathan are both about to marry their present partners though they often think of each other and that one special day.  To tempt fate, Jonathan seeks out Sara with an old receipt and Sara takes an airplane to New York.

‘Serendipity’ is a fortunate accident.  Like its title, ‘fate’ is the key to this film.  Some people view fate as superstition.  This SMT reporter was one of them.  However, the film does not see fate as something that must be left to unravel on its own.  As Sara utters in the movie, fate presents fragments of itself and we must decide whether to grab it.  Are you lonely?  Can you sense real love in your life?  Maybe you need to grab your own bit of fate.  How about spending your Christmas with ‘Serendipity’?  The film is sure to boost your energy and get you turned around and on the right way to your destiny.  The soundtrack is full of romantic music as well, which will surely melt your frosty heart.  The movie ‘Serendipity’ could be your fortunate accident this Christmas season.


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