Farewell to 2017
Kim Kim Hyuna  |  smt_kha@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2017.12.12  20:00:47
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Doesn’t it just seem like 2017 started just a day ago?  Hard to imagine, but indeed we have reached the end of 2017.  I still remember the start of my sophomore year.  I was passionate and determined to meet all my goals for 2017.  Though, in reality, some of them I was not able to achieve, I can still proudly say 2017 was a happy and pleasurable year.  Of all the great 2017 moments I experienced this past year, one that comes to the forefront is the issuing of the 337th edition of The Sookmyung Times.  It was the first edition that I took responsibility for the magazine as Editor-in-Chief.  I took pride in my title and its publication as a result had much more meaning.  With a number of changes to The Sookmyung Times compared to previous editions, I needed to consider more carefully each aspect of the magazine to avoid any unpleasant comments or mistakes with the newly modernized magazine.  Indeed, it was demanding and hard work because I was unfamiliar with the responsibilities that came with my new title, so I often made mistakes at first.  Despite my desire for a perfect and careful eye on typos and layout, the 337th edition still had typos and the design was not as fancy as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, in spite of these regrets, I was proud to have worked with such a great team of reporters who gave it their all to produce fine work.  The 337th edition may contain some mistakes, but I can honestly say, the entire process from start to publication was one of the best moments of 2017.  I firmly believe that reporters and readers of The Sookmyung Times have also had shared happy moments in 2017.  Treasure each of those memories and make just as many in 2018 or have an even greater year.  Why not wrap up 2017 with a plan for 2018?
Though I could go on to more detail of my happy moments of 2017, in this latter half of my letter, I would like to say thank you to my dear friend, Kim Minji, Culture Section Editor of The Sookmyung Times.  It’s hard to believe, but we have been together for two year straight at The Sookmyung Times.  All of the reporters who joined The Sookmyung Times at the same time as us are gone and we are the only two left.  Minji has decided to retire from The Sookmyung Times after two years of hard work.  I am sad to see her leave, but before she does, I would like to wish her a loving goodbye for all her contribution to the development of The Sookmyung Times.  Fellow reporters, readers, and I wish only the best for you and success in pursuing your future goals.  You will be missed at The Sookmyung Times.

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