Meeting with 40th Student Government, “MUV”
Meeting with 40th Student Government, “MUV”
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The vice-president Yoo Bo Ram                               The president Kim Se Hee

Do you remember “MUST UP V?”  It was a catch phrase of a new student government, MUV, and it is actually used as an abbreviated word by them.  “V” represents “Value, Voice, Variety, Vocation, Volunteer, Venture.”  MUV has cried up that 10,000 Sookmyungians become a one.  As a new semester begins, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the president and vice-president of the new student government, Kim Se Hee and Yoo Bo Ram, to understand more about MUV.

<The Past>

SMT : During election period, there are unfavorable things.  What does MUV think about the problem?  Also, what is MUV meant to do an effort on?

MUV : Frankly speaking, we were somewhat absurd because it is a little the election polling committee and another candidate against rest.  However, we will do the more efforts on our schoolmates since we became the student government, going through uneasy process. 

SMT : “Troika,” student government last year, focused on improvement of students’ convenience and diverse events.  Then, what is different point between Troika and MUV?

MUV : Tell me the true, I don’t understand this question.  Troika and MUV are already different by being.  President and vice-president don’t have any relationship with Troika.  Of course, we are same no-movement sphere.  Therefore, Sookmyungians will find out the different between Troika and MUV for 2008.     

<The Present>

SMT: MUV announced to operate hot-water supply and get restoration of profit from cooperation.  Explain us the progress of the work, please. 

MUV : The hot-water supply is one among the biggest pledges we insisted.  So, we will do ours best on the work for one semester.  We searched diverse 5 Women Universities like Ewha and Sungshine Women Universities in Seoul .  All Women Universities have been operating the hot-water supply except for only Sookmyung.   Each construction of Sookmyung Women University (SMU) has different condition.  New constructions in Sookmyung have already systems to operate hot-water supply, but old constructions don’t have systems to operate the supply.  So, we will be going to progress the problems in the way, partly.  For example, it could be operated first a construction of high frequency.  Or the constructions no system could be operated by hot-water boilers.  We have connected with construction Management, Maintenance Service Center and Budgeting & Planning to progress the pledge.  Also, we think we have a right to get restoration of profit from cooperation, for example, Shinhan Bank, Shinsugae Food etc., getting the profits in SMU.  So, we have connected with the cooperation.  Actually the pledge is the biggest emphasis point for two semester.  Please, watch a happening to the end of it.

SMT : Many Sookmyungians are concerned about the news of raising the registration fee.  What is position of MUV about raising tuition fees?

MUV : We think the tuition fees must be frozen and government have to support tuition fees for students.  So, we will cope with the problem with two directions.  First, it is the outskirts.  We will be going to maintain continually to get the supporting tuition fees.  Second, it is the campus’s activity.  We will be going to insist that the tuition fees must be frozen.    

<The Future>

SMT : What is the biggest problem currently within the campus in MUV’s opinion?  Also, how will MUV solve these problems?

MUV : We think individualism in University is the biggest problems.  So, we will be meant to provide café in the school grounds for the semester.  We will meet Sookmyungians and have an effort to be close with Sookmyungians.

SMT :  What is the best expectations to SMU during MUV’s term?

MUV :  We want Sookmyung to be one.  We will meant to progress many works.  Through the process, it supports Sookmyungians become a one.  Also, we hope student election become cleaner.  In order to fulfill the thing, we think some detailed enforcement regulations relating election have to be changed.  In the case of other University, the election polling committee is organized with student government and students of each college.  However, SMU have been organized with only student government.  We will change the organizations.   

SMT : Please give us MUV’s word to Sookmyungians.

MUV : We became the student government going through uneasy process.  So, we will do the more efforts for our schoolmates.  In the age of JU in the China, Ju-Gong said, “一沐三握髮 一飯三吐哺.”  It means that Ju-Gong go out three times, grasping the soaked hair during washing hair and spiting out food during eating the food.  In fact, whenever someone comes to see Ju-Gong, he doesn’t make someone wait and greet someone, laying aside what he was doing.  Like this, we do run for one year keeping modest mind.  We hope that our image become bright blue of expectancy and wish.  Please, expect us, MUV, and go run together 2008!

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