You Too Can Be on Running Man
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Have you ever watched the SBS TV show, ‘Running Man’?  The name is surely familiar to most people and is representative of our daily lives.  All students lead a hectic lifestyle, especially with having to engage in extracurricular activities that we must participate in along with successful completion of our studies.  Still, it is important to take a break in order to break through the wall of stress that is constantly being constructed around us.  Recently, the program ‘Running Man‘ has brought the show to Insa-dong and are inviting people to join the program as their 9th cast member.  This SMT reporter went to Insa-dong to do just that in the hopes of releasing a lot of built up stress. 


Ready to Run 


‘Running Man Episode 1, Treasure Hunt’, opened last November in Insa-dong.  It is a dynamic and exciting new attraction based on the TV show by the same name.  The attraction had its casts partake on 12 separate mission, including the most renowned Name Tag mission, where cast members were awarded points for completing various tasks.  You have to tag with your bracelet to get R points every mission.  Any cast member who accumulated 80 points are awarded a certificate and if they score 8, which is the maximum their pictures get hung on the broadcasting studio wall.  The points cast members collected could be converted to real currency and donated.  The attraction opens at 10:00 and closes at 20:00, and the cost to participate is 16,000 won per person.  The attraction is located near Jongak Station, Exit 3-1 but you can also get to it easily from Anguk Station, Exit 6.  There is no need to be good at sports, and in fact, this SMT reporter is poor at sports but had a great time at the attraction.  Staffs will ask you to first choose a color.  You have the option of red, green, or blue.  Once that is done, you are given missions to carry out.  This is when you truly feel like you are the 9th member of ‘Running Man’.  This SMT reporter chose blue because it’s our school’s official color.  Are you ready to join the adventures?  


Episode 1, Treasure Hunt 


The course consists of 12 sections referred to as A to L.  Because this reporter didn’t know the order of the missions to carry out, she completed them as they came up in front of her.  However, this reporter suggests you learn the mission beforehand in order to better enjoy the experience.  Staffs said that people can practice collecting “R” points after completing a learning mission: A. ‘Running Man, the Beginner’.  Real missions begin from B: ‘Run and Run’.  Participants have to move quickly in order to earn R points.  People have to run a total of 250 steps in 30 seconds at the mission. This was the hardest and most challenging of the missions.  Mission C was ‘Jump Rope on Acupressure Board’.  It is important to jump on time according to the direction.  Sadly, this reporter failed this mission, so recommend you pay attention to the lights that turn on when it’s time to jump.  It will help you with correct timing of your jumps and guarantee you a successful completion of that mission.  Mission D was ‘Squat Maze’, where participants must crouch down and find their way through a maze.  In addition to walking crouched down near the floor, you must also occasionally stand up at various checkpoints to earn R points.  If you complete the entire maze without standing up, you will fail to earn any R points.  Mission E was ‘Dark Maze’.  In the Dark Maze you have to tag R points with your bracelet along the way out.  My fear of the dark was overcome with help from a friend, who was also going through the mission with me.  Mission F was ‘Ball Throwing’, where participants had to cooperate with others to throw balls into holes.  The staff tried to motivate us to succeed by promising to help clear another mission for all participants if we were able to get the balls through the holes.  Unfortunately, we failed.  It looked easy, but it was hard. 


Leaving the area, participants had to traverse through a mishmash of rubber bands interrupting the path out.  Though it was hard, it was amusing.  Mission G was ‘Scream’ and required us to shout as loud as we could for as long as we could.  During this mission, this reporter saw her friend letting everything out.  However, be careful not to damage your vocal cords during this mission.  Mission H was ‘Touch the Nametags’.   It required quick accurate response to touch the nametags.  Mission I ‘Where’s R-Mons’ required participants to spot differences.  It seemed easy enough, but it took longer than expected.  Choosing the wrong image results in a 3-second deduction from the time.  Participants did the task together to earn R points, but it was also more fun that way, too.  This reporter enjoyed mission K, ‘Tap Tap’ the most.  Tapping on a pad mercilessly relieves your stress, but it can also be quite painful.  The last mission L was ‘Mirror Maze’.  It was a complex maze, but while seeking the exit, we were able to take many vivid and nice pictures.  Leaving the mission rooms, we came to a roulette table.  It offered us a chance to obtain 2 bonus minutes.  This SMT reporter failed to collect over 80 R points, but nevertheless had a great time.  



A Good Memory 


Even though this reporter failed to reach success on some of the missions, she had a great time and it made her feel like a kid again.  This reporter strongly recommends wearing clothes you can be active because the missions are dynamic and requires a lot of movement.  Also light clothes in warmer months as it got quite hot and bit sweaty during the missions.  The attraction has lockers to rent at either 500 won or 1,000 won, depends on the size each to store any heavier clothing and items you don’t want to lose in the mission area.  If you wish to only try the missions, do them in the order suggested, but if you wish to take some photos of your experience, do mission B last as it is the toughest and you will get quite sweaty and hot.  Mission L, the Mirror Maze offers plenty of photo opportunities with its beautiful lights and mirror structures.  Making a reservation on Naver or through Hana Tour will provide you with a discount.  This SMT reporter highly recommends visiting the attraction and enjoying a worry-free day.  

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