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승인 2018.03.21  21:26:33
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 네이버 구글 msn

The severe cold has gone, winter has passed away, and now spring is about to come.  March 2016, two years ago from now, I applied as a cub-reporter of the Sookmyung Times.  I can still remember the moment when I had an interview in order to be part of the Sookmyung Times.  I was a bit nervous but I think I did my best in the interview, and I think that is why I became a cub-reporter.  At first, when I was working as a cub-reporter everything was so new that I often made a mistake.  I was always anxious if I was doing right or not because I didn’t want to make my co-reporters to feel uncomfortable.  I think every new cub-reporters will think like what I thought before.  However, I just want to say to new coming reporters that it is okay to make mistakes, and making mistake is just too normal since you are not used to the new environment.  There is no way to overcome the difficulties you will meet while working as a reporter, but if you just put much of your effort and try to do your best while in the Sookmyung Times, the difficulties will naturally disappear.  In other words, as time passes by, you will be a ‘professional’ in the Sookmyung Times. 
I would like to say thank you to all the reporters of the Sookmyung Times who was with me since the start of the year 2916 to the end of the year 2017.  Because of you, I was able to have the best time in the Sookmyung Times.  I was actually to work as an editor-in-chief until the first half of 2018.  However, I had thought for a long time if I can lead my fellow reporters better during 2018 since I am turning Junior this year.  I felt that I have to concentrate more on my studies and if I do, I was worried that I may not be able to develop and lead the Sookmyung Times to a better direction. Thus, I felt that two years was enough for me to be in the Sookmyung Times.
I started as a cub reporter, became a reporter, then a society section editor, and the Editor-in-chief as well and now I am retiring.  I felt that when I retire from the Sookmyung Times, I would feel somewhat free and happy.  However, I was also kind of depressed since from the year 2018, I would not be part of the Sookmyung Times anymore, the organization which I really worked passionately and with my whole effort.  I really enjoyed working and being part of the Sookmyung Times for the past years.  I can say that the past two years at Sookmyung Times was so special, meaningful to me, and it was the best choice of my university life.  I have learnt so many things here but specially I learnt how to deal with people well, propose my opinions clearly and confidently, and met so many important people of my life.  I hope the remaining reporters and the up-coming new cub reporters would also feel that the Sookmyung Times was the best choice in their university life.  “Love You All”


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