The Holy Lake, Bedesda!
The Holy Lake, Bedesda!
  • Nam-joon, Kang
  • 승인 2008.03.13 11:03
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Once upon a time there was a lake called Bedesda.  It was a very special lake.  Once in a year an angel came down and put a holy power into the lake.  The power healed all kinds of diseases.  Because of this reason, there were thousands of sick people waiting by the lake hoping for being healed from the lake.  But only one person could be healed if he/she touched the lake the first at the time the holy power stirred the lake.


Amongst those sick people by the lake, there was an old man who looked very sick and tired than any one, was lying helplessly by the lake.  He wanted to touch the lake the first as much as the others did.  Some times he crawled as hard as he could.  Some times he asked some one to take him to the lake.  Some times he rolled himself down to the lake when he saw the lake moved.  Whatever he did he could not reached to the lake the first but had to see other people healed from his/her diseases. 


He had to listen to other people shouting out with joy and praising the Lake.  Only thing he gained from all the effort he had made was a lot of scars and bitterly soaring wounds not only on his body but also on his heart.


Can you guess for how many times and for how long he had done that?  Surprisingly he had done it for 36 years. Not 36 days or months but 36 YEARS!!! For 36 years he had tried and tried with all his heart without giving up his hope until he was caught by a very special person.  The one who had a very special love towards him and the power which had made the old man’s 36 years’ endless dream and hope come true.  


From this story I think of two things.  One is that the dream can come true when you try something with all your heart consistently without giving up your hope.  It must not be easy at all. Can you imagine how lonely and painful he had been?  In his view he must be the weakest and useless person compare to others. 


There must be many people who had left the lake giving up their hopes.  Perhaps he also would have thought of leaving the lake so many times. But he did not.  He stayed there until his hope was fulfilled.  Do you think you do the same?  Two is that you should intentionally look at and think of other people around you.  There were thousands of people by that lake who had the same hope to the old man’s.  But most of them did not help him. All of them were so busy seeking their own dreams just like us.  If there were a person who helped him reaching the lake the first then the old man did not have to stay by the lake for 36 years.  


Dear students!  It is the beginning of the year 2008.  I want to tell you this story hoping two things.  One is, never give up your hope.  Do not disappointed of you even things go against your wills and hopes.  Try again and again until you fulfill your hope.  Two is try to think of other people’s pains and difficulties.  You can make other people’s lives happier than ever.  Then you will become the happiest and most successful person in this whole universe.  Merry semester!!!  And love you all. 

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