NCS Job Competency School: Prepare for the Future
Kim Lee Jihyun  |  smt_kjh@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2018.03.22  12:14:27
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On January 16, orientation for the Sookmyung NCS Job Competency School was held at Veritas Building B101.  Although the program was fairly lengthy, running from January 16 to 24 during the winter vacation and started each day at 9 a.m., about seventy students applied for it.  This clearly indicates Sookmyugians’ high interest in NCS content.  National Competency Standards (NCS) is systematized knowledge, technology, attitude, and more that are considered core competencies needed for a specific career or workplace.  In other words, they are the standardized abilities students need to obtain a great job.  Choi Sung Hee, the person in charge of the program and head of the Office of Employment Support Team, said “Above all, Sookmyung Women's University wants to help students get employed.  Personality and aptitude testing and NCS are necessary elements for that to happen.  We support students to prepare.”  She also added, “We have been offering this program since 2015.  Many students who have taken part in the NCS School program have gone on to great testing success.  Feedback from past participants and Sookmyungians who have secured jobs as a result of the program are most rewarding.  These days job seekers are having a tough time, but I hope Sookmyungians start their preparation early and seize opportunities when they come knocking.”  One of the participants, Yoo Jaeyeon, Department of Statistics ’15 said, “After seeing the program announcement on the official school website, I registered for it immediately because I want to start my job preparation early.”  She continued with, “Through the class I better understood NCS.  I also expect more practical contents in upcoming classes.”  Besides the NCS Job Competency School, the Office of Employment Support Team hosts programs such as preparation class for public enterprise.  Any Sookmyungians wishing to prepare now for the future should keep an eye on SNOWAY.  

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