Blooming Ideas: 2017 WINE Intensive Course
Han Lee Hyebin  |  smt_lhb@sm.ac.kr
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승인 2018.03.22  20:00:16
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On January 30, 2018 WINE Intensive Course Maker & Hackathon ended successfully.  WINE Intensive Course Maker & Hackathon, shortened to 'WIC', is a 4-day program that only allows students who have completed one of PRIME engineering courses to participate.  A Hackathon is a short-run event, in which developers gather and develop something as an individual or as a group.  It is usually held in the IT field.  Professor Park Youngmin at the Division of Basic Engineering said, “I organized each team to contain students with various major.  Engineering, humanities, art and music will create an amazing synergy effect during this program.”  As he said, students regardless of major formed each team and joined this special program.  Students attended to lectures about 3D printing, VR & AR, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing from January 25 to 26, then they were assigned a mission to develop their own product relevant to those four areas.  Various ingredients like kits for Arduino was freely given to participants.  Both students and mentors applied themselves to complete the product.  After the hackathon program, the participants held a presentation.  Various and creative works made by young developers were introduced, and the jury chose the winning team on fair judgment.  The winnerers were awarded with the prize and diplomas from the president Kang Jeongai.  Kwon Nahyun, Department of Computer Science '17, said, “I was impressed with the passion of professors and students from diverse major.  I also learnt a lot from cooperating and discussing with other students.”  2017 WIC shows the value and potential of convergence to Sookmyungians.

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