Yoon's Style
Yoon's Style
  • Song Yoon Heejeong
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Department of IT Engineering ‘16


What motivated your interest in fashion?  Which style do you most prefer?

I like to express myself through my outfits.  To be honest, I wasn’t really good at creating stylish combinations at first, but I got better and better each time I tried.  I’m really into modern styling because it makes one seem more mature, but nowadays, I’m starting to wear jeans more often because it’s trendy among university students.  I also consider color combinations and textiles when I make clothing choices.

Would you give our readers a few directions and tips for shopping?

I never buy clothes online.  I gain inspiration on what to wear from that.  I think deeply about my outfits and I only make purchases after much thought.  Once I’ve decided what I’m looking for, I spend time wandering from shop to shop and looking for the items that best match what I want.  These are the ways I avoid impulse buying.  Also, I tend to make better suited and more reasonably priced purchases after long consideration.



Song Yoon Heejeong / Culture Section Editor
Kim Lee Daye / Cub Reporter

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